Sebastian Gorka pushes for schools to reopen: “Put the bloody teachers in body condoms. I don't care”

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Citation From the August 3, 2020 edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Sebastian Gorka:

MICHAEL KNOWLES: They're not even trying anymore. A lot of these schools are saying they're gonna reopen -- two days after the election, right?


KNOWLES: It's all about that. But it's -- it's all just going to be "True social distancing has never been tried," it's going to be the social -- it's going to be, like, "No, we have to double, triple lock -- it's not working, we gotta quadruple lockdown." You know?

GORKA: And the idea that the kids, who are safe, who aren't being killed by coronavirus, they're the problem? Well, then put the bloody teachers in body condoms. I don't care. 

KNOWLES: I know, it's --

GORKA: Put them in hazmat suits. I don't care.