Fringe guest uses Fox News to promote bizarre blog filled with misogynistic dating advice

Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe has a history of extreme antisemitism

During the October 2 edition of Fox News’ late night commentary show Gutfeld!, antisemitic right-wing media personality Hotep Jesus appeared wearing a sweater promoting “Men of Order,” his bizarre blog filled misogynistic dating advice.

Hotep Jesus on gutfeld

Citation Screenshot from the October 2, 2023, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

Hotep Jesus (real name Bryan Sharpe), who vehemently defended the deadly white supremacist Unite the Right rally in 2017, is an extreme antisemite who has made numerous racist comments and has attacked Jewish people online for years.

Sharpe's appearance on Gutfeld!, which consistently draws in millions of viewers, allowed him to promote his misogynistic blog that is reminiscent of the extremist manosphere.

The manosphere — an online community of websites, bloggers, and influencers cultivating a worldview based on outdated, extremist gender politics repackaged for the internet age — has a history of courting extremists and antisemites

While purporting to provide dating, financial, and lifestyle advice to men, many manosphere figures align themselves with far-right beliefs, and their programs can serve as gateways to push audiences further to the right toward more dangerous ideologies.

Below is a breakdown of some of the misogynistic content found on Sharpe’s “Men of Order” blog: 

In one post titled “No Woman Should Have To Pay Bills,” Sharpe argues that women should not work because it makes them unattractive:

Once a young man becomes a high-value man he would not tolerate a woman with a boss. In his world, he is his woman’s only boss. Imagine guts, sweat, and tears shed only to watch your woman get dolled up only to prance around another man’s office while he gives her marching orders. Then, after she’s exhausted herself for the day, she returns home and removes everything that made her attractive when she left the house only to look frumpy and tired. This is NOT the American dream.

Women WANT to give up control of their life. They hate the pressure of modern society to “keep up.” The rat race is stressing and aging her. Disney has conditioned her to submit to “Prince Charming.

In the same blog, he blames women’s suffrage for social ill:

Women who pay their own bills are like women who vote. Surely women should have the right to vote but look where it has led us. Women have become pawns for Marxists because their emotional strings are easily tugged on. For proof, simply look at the demographics of modern American protests. The failure of men to dominate their households has led us down a dark road where women have too much power. Feminine energy is like salt. You only need a little bit. Add too much and you ruin the dish. If we are to take back this great nation of America, then men must domesticate women again.

Under the headline “7 Questions You Must Ask an American Woman on the First Date,” Sharpe continued to attack women’s autonomy, arguing that men should look for “mother material” in a woman and that “a woman who does not cook cannot nurture a family.” He describes “beauty” as the minimum quality that women bring to a relationship, and tells his readers to “set a standard” because “it’s her job to impress you.”

In another bizarre blog post titled, “A First Date Costs $1,000 minimum in 2023,” Sharpe advises his readers to date women “you can walk away from.” He continues to advise readers to go on destination dates with women so readers “can analyze relationship potential in 3 DAYS,” but only if there are two separate hotel rooms for the daters to sleep in “because you never want a woman shitting in your room.” 

Sharpe advised in other misogynistic posts,  “Never listen to what a woman says. She will lie to steal your time,” and that “women, like children, express themselves with tantrums.” 

Right Wing Watch reported that Sharpe has appeared on the white nationalist platform Red Ice TV, which has since been banned from YouTube, and has downplayed the reality of white supremacy by claiming that “the only thing that makes white supremacy a thought in people’s minds” is the media, the entertainment industry, and the banks, which are all “controlled” by Jewish people. Sharpe also vehemently defended the deadly white supremacist Unite the Right rally, claiming that the “alt-right is the victim” of an antifa-led race war, according to the report. 

More recently, Sharpe appeared on Infowars to defend antisemitic rants by the rapper Ye, praising host Alex Jones for giving Ye “room to vent” and arguing that “there's no such thing as hate speech.” 

This isn’t the first time Fox News has platformed Sharpe either. Host Laura Ingraham hosted the blogger in 2018 to mock Starbucks’ racial bias training. Sharpe also made an appearance on the now-defunct Fox News Primetime in 2021, followed by an appearance on Gutfeld! in 2022.

Sharpe’s most recent Fox News appearance came not long after Fox host Greg Gutfeld himself was widely condemned for saying Jewish people “had to be useful” to “survive in a concentration camp.” His remarks drew scorn from the Auschwitz Memorial, which criticized Gutfeld for “overlook[ing] the larger picture of the Holocaust” in a lengthy post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Fox News’ platforming of Sharpe fits into the network’s long-standing trend of downplaying antisemitism and promulgating harmful rhetoric about the Holocaust. And Fox’s unfunniest host appears to have learned nothing from his recent brush with antisemitic controversy — and why would he? After all, Fox News is betting on his bigotry.