Fox's Doocy Ignores Problems With Texas Economy To Hype It As Model For Rest Of Nation


Fox News' Steve Doocy suggested that Obama look to Texas as a model for economic growth, ignoring the fact that the state's high job growth doesn't translate to economic success for many Texans. Texas' economic problems include a median wage below the national average, one of the largest minimum wage workforces in the country, and the highest rate of adults without health insurance.

Fox Suggests Nation Could "Learn From The Lone Star State" On Growth

Fox's Steve Doocy: Texas Has "Certainly" Hit On The Recipe For Success In Economic Recovery. Interviewing Texas Public Policy Foundation's Chuck DeVore about job growth in Texas, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy noted that all six of Texas' metropolitan areas currently have more jobs than they did before the recession, and concluded that a "big chunk" of the cause behind the growth "has to do with taxes." He recommended that President Obama take note of Texas' growth and thank Texas Gov. Rick Perry. From the April 4 edition of Fox & Friends:

DOOCY: We talked about this story a day or two ago and we said, oh, Texas has got six of the top metro areas in the top 100. And, you know, a lot of people think it's because of all the oil and gas, and that is true for three of the six cities. The other three just have what?

DeVORE: Well, absolutely. First of all, it's all six of Texas' metro areas. So not one of Texas' metro areas has been left out of the top. And it's the top ten that they're in. And the most important thing is only half of those cities are really benefitting from the oil and gas boom. You know, the state of Texas has incredible mix of pro-business, pro-jobs policies. It's got low taxes. It's got reasonable regulations. And it's got a good lawsuit climate. And that's what's been attracting jobs to the Lone Star State.

DOOCY: Sure. Absolutely. So while Texas has got six -- all six of the metro areas of Texas are in the top 14 -- the only 14 growing right now -- of the worst 20, four of them are in California. And you got to figure a big chunk of that has to do with taxes.

DeVORE: Well, absolutely. And California just increased taxes by $50 billion with a vote last November. California also has one of the worst lawsuit climates in the nation. California also has one of the highest regulatory costs in the nation. There was a study done when I was in the legislature a few years back that showed the average small business in California has to spend $134,000 per year in compliance costs alone just to comply with California's myriad regulations.

DOOCY: Yeah, so while the president of the United States is traveling around the country talking about how we're digging out of that hole and we're really growing things, he probably should send -- six of the metro areas are in Texas, all six of Texas' metro areas -- the president should probably send a thank you note to Rick Perry, shouldn't he, governor of Texas?

DeVORE: Well, absolutely, And he should ask him, how is he doing it? Because Texas has really hit upon the recipe for success.

DOOCY: They certainly have. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 4/4/13]

But Texas Workers Struggle With Low Incomes, High Poverty, Inequality, And Lack Of Health Insurance

Bureau Of Labor Statistics: At $49,047, Texas' Median Income Is Below National Average. According to Bureau of Labor statistics data, Texans' median income is below national average. In 2011 median income in Texas was $49,047 while the U.S. median income stood at $50,054. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, accessed 4/4/13]

Bureau Of Labor Statistics: Texas Has Highest Percentage Of Minimum-Wage Workers In U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that in 2012, Texas had a higher percentage of workers making minimum wage than any other state -- 4.7 percent of Texans paid at hourly rates. Texans also accounted for 18 percent of the nation's minimum wage workers. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2/26/13]

U.S. Census Bureau: Texas Poverty Rate 2.7 Percentage Points Higher Than National Average. According to Census data, Texas had a poverty rate of 17 percent between 2007 and 2011, higher than the national poverty rate of 14.3 percent. [U.S. Census Bureau, accessed 4/4/13]

Center On Budget And Policy Priorities: Texas Has 7th Highest Income Inequality Ratio In U.S. According to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on national income inequality trends, Texas ranked 7th among states with the highest levels of income inequality:

[Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, November 2012]

Gallup: For Fifth Straight Year, Texas Has Nation's Highest Rate Of Adults Without Health Insurance. In March, Gallup reported that Texas' health insurance coverage rate dropped in 2012 to a record low since Gallup began tracking coverage rates in 2008. Gallup found that 28.8 percent of adult Texans lacked health insurance in 2012. As Gallup reported, the gap between Texas and Louisiana, the state with the second-highest rate of uninsured adults, widened to 4.8 percentage points. The gap between the 49th and 50th place rankings is now the highest on record. [Gallup, 3/8/13]

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