Limbaugh: The Media "Want Muslims To Call A Fatwa On My Head"

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By Fae Jencks

Rush Limbaugh watched the first hour of President Obama's "abomination of a press conference" today and clearly did not like what he saw. He began his show by mocking Obama's speaking style by punctuating. Every. Word. Of. His. Criticism. -- just as, Rush suggests, Obama did in his answers today. Rush alleged that had Presidents Reagan or Bush had the same "halting" speech pattern, the media would be asking "what is medically wrong with the president." Limbaugh later concluded that the real reason Obama sounded the way he did was because he "hasn't had a vacation in a while."

After attacking Obama by repeatedly calling him "impotent" and a "man-child" and claiming that he looked "totally out of his league," Rush then offered his own round of questions for the president. The questions Obama would have asked the president included whether the president would "assist with the ribbon-cutting" at the proposed Islamic cultural center in New York and whether he would be upset if "your friend the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers" had been pictured "standing on a Bible or a Quran" instead of the American flag. Rush also criticized Obama for his "over-the-top goodbye" to economic adviser Christine Romer, suggesting that "he might be trying to buy her silence."

Limbaugh took a break from his criticism of Obama's press conference to explain, in great detail, the fact that he didn't know Terry Jones, the pastor who planned to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, though both attended the same high school. Rush explained that while he remembered Jones from Babe Ruth League baseball, he never spoke to him in school. Limbaugh then declared that the media are hyping the connection between him and Jones "because they want the Muslims to call a fatwa on" his head.

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