After Colorado Media Matters items, KHOW's Boyles complained about "the Democratic Party ... or their butt boys"


Following Colorado Media Matters items (here, here, here, and here) noting 630 KHOW-AM host Peter Boyles' misinformation regarding the case of federal immigration agent Cory Voorhis and Gov. Bill Ritter's (D) record as Denver district attorney, Boyles complained on his December 3 broadcast that "the Democratic Party, party operatives, or their butt boys that are out there on the Internet ... they scream, they call me a liar." Boyles also referred to his critics as "little rabbit-faced trolls."

A federal prosecutor recently charged Voorhis with misusing his access to a criminal database to get information later used by 2006 Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez's campaign in an ad against Ritter.

From the December 3 broadcast of 630 KHOW-AM's The Peter Boyles Show:

BOYLES: Well, what I think now is fascinating about this Voorhis story, coming back to it, is Bill Ritter -- there's no doubt -- allegedly gave guys like this Walter Ramo these bogus plea bargains -- heroin possession. He takes that walk of, you know, try and find a farm -- takes the federal, takes, excuse me, takes the agricultural trespass plea; goes on out to California after, quote, gaining his freedom; and gets charged four counts of molestation of a little girl in San Francisco. Now, the Democrats came out and, "Well, that's not true." And they were screaming, "And that's not true." That's right, it wasn't true, because the charges were dismissed because the parents and the little girl -- the parents were illegals; the little girl might have been an anchor -- they vanished because they were afraid of being in the limelight. So imagine the Democratic Party, party operatives, or their butt boys that are out there on the Internet, that talk about children and women and defending the immigrant, the illegal immigrant, and the rest of it -- will defend Ritter's decision only because this Walter Ramo bogus plea-bargain deal that ends up in the child molestation, that they scream, they call me a liar because that isn't true in California. Well, yeah, he was charged, and he got away with it. Now, here's my other question to you little rabbit-faced trolls: Where is Mr. Ramo today? And why hasn't Mr. [Mitch] Morrissey's office brought Mr. Ramo back, because he's clearly violated his agricultural trespass agreement, has he not?

Although it has not addressed since October 20, 2006, Boyles' claim that the man he identified as Ramo committed "child molestation," Colorado Media Matters has identified numerous other falsehoods Boyles has dispensed about the Ramo case and the plea-bargain record of Ritter's office.

Moreover, as Colorado Media Matters has noted, Boyles previously has applied the slur "butt boys" to others with whom he disagrees.

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