Coloradoan, Daily Reporter-Herald articles on Larimer County GOP chair's resignation omitted his use of racial slur


Reporting October 25 on Ed Haynes' resignation as Larimer County Republican Party chairman, the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald did not mention Haynes' widely reported use of a racial epithet during a Colorado State University hearing on a controversial editorial in the Rocky Mountain Collegian. At the September meeting, Haynes reportedly said, "What if I said, 'Taser This ... Obama is a n


Articles about Larimer County Republican Party chairman Ed Haynes' October 24 resignation announcement, published on October 25 in the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Daily Reporter-Herald of Loveland, omitted Haynes' widely reported use of a racial slur at a September 26 Colorado State University (CSU) hearing. While discussing an editorial by CSU's Rocky Mountain Collegian editor J. David McSwane that read "Taser This ... FUCK BUSH," Haynes reportedly said, "What if I said, 'Taser This ... Obama is a n

," according to a September 27 Rocky Mountain News article that noted Haynes' remark drew boos from the audience.

As the Coloradoan reported, "Seven months into a two-year term as Larimer County Republican Party chairman, Ed Haynes announced Wednesday he'll resign his post to serve a 'higher calling.' " The article further reported:

Haynes said he and his wife, Georgia, received an "unexpected" offer from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to serve an 18-month mission in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where they will work in office administration.

"I am thrilled with the opportunity to serve the church and the Lord," Haynes said. "It's hard because I am leaving such a wonderful post to accept a higher one."

Haynes was first elected by Larimer County Republicans to serve as chairman in 1999 and served through 2003. He was elected to the post again in February.

"I really enjoyed the experience and especially enjoyed working with the board and others in the party," Haynes said.

The Coloradoan article, however, did not mention Haynes' controversial remark, even though the newspaper had reported it in a September 28 article about the CSU Board of Student Communications hearing:

More than a dozen speakers on each side argued a variety of points. Defenders said McSwane and the Collegian have the right to publish whatever they want, while critics said a different word or presentation should have been used.

Larimer County Republican Party chairman Ed Haynes, who identified himself as a private citizen, said some words are inappropriate. After repeatedly warning the crowd he was going to say something offensive, Haynes said, "Taser this... Obama is a n


His use of the racial slur in reference to presidential candidate Barack Obama drew a deafening chorus of boos from many people who had moments previously professed McSwane's right to say whatever he wanted.

Like the Coloradoan, the Daily Reporter-Herald also ignored Haynes' controversial remarks while reporting on his resignation announcement:

The Larimer County Republican Party chairman will resign next month to pursue missionary work.

Ed Haynes announced his upcoming resignation -- effective Nov. 5 -- on Sept. 24 during the party's monthly Executive Board meeting.

The resignation was contingent upon his receipt of the official mission call from his church, which he received Wednesday.

"As much as I love politics ... when the church asks, I respond," Haynes said.

In contrast, a September 28 article posted on the self-described "non-partisan" website reported Haynes' resignation before his official announcement and noted Haynes' comments regarding the Collegian controversy:

Larimer County Republican Chairman Ed Haynes intends to resign his position as head of Larimer County's Republican Party in October. Haynes recently informed members of the Republican Party Central Committee, friends and neighbors that he is likely to announce his departure sometime in October.


Haynes recently drew fire at a Colorado State University Board of Student Communications meeting regarding the embattled editor of the Collegian. The Editor of the Collegian is under fire for printing obscenities not racial slurs regarding President Bush on the paper's editorial page. In an attempt to provide the board an equally offensive statement for comparison Haynes stated "Fu.... Obama is a nigg..." Audience members were appalled and began booing and shouting at Haynes.

Members of the CSU College Republicans were also disappointed Haynes chose to introduce racial slurs to the discussion about obscene language in the newspaper. Despite warning the audience he was going to say something offensive, Haynes's example didn't appear to advance the argument of those calling for the Editor's removal but instead backfired by fueling the anger of those defending the Editor.

Additionally, an article posted on the website of the Fort Collins-based weekly Rocky Mountain Chronicle reported that Colorado Republican Party chairman Dick Wadhams "recently defended Larimer County Republican Chair Ed Haynes, who caused a ruckus when he used the word 'nigger' during a public hearing at Colorado State University on the Rocky Mountain Collegian's 'Taser this: FUCK BUSH" editorial.'" According to the article:

Haynes asked the crowd, "'What would have been the reaction if it read, 'Taser this...Obama is a nigger'"? Wadhams says Haynes apparently wanted to show that some words should not be expressed.

"He was trying to drive home a serious point and, from what I saw in the papers, he succeeded," Wadhams says. "His overall point, I think, is a good one."

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