Will Face the State correct its headline linking to bogus blog entry, now that blog has acknowledged its own falsehood?


As Colorado Media Matters noted, the "news" website Face the State falsely asserted on October 17 that the online political daily news site Colorado Confidential "yank[ed]" a Jim Spencer diary entry critical of the campaign for Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's Better Denver tax and bond package, and linked to a conservative blog that originally made the claim. Although the blog, Wren's eJournal, has acknowledged that its item was inaccurate, Face the State as of October 18 had not corrected its false headline -- "Tim Gill-Backed Website Yanks Critical Article Against A-I" -- linking to the Wren's eJournal entry.

Wren's eJournal stated on October 17 that Spencer's October 10 diary entry on Colorado Confidential was "no where to be seen on that website." In fact, consistent with Colorado Confidential's practice of featuring its most recent entries on its home page, Spencer's week-old diary was moved off of the home page but remains live elsewhere on the website.

On October 17, Wren's eJournal acknowledged the error and posted the following in response to a comment from Colorado Confidential managing editor Wendy Norris pointing out the falsehood and the fact that Spencer's column still was available:

I just read Colorado Confidential's response to my report of not being able to find Jim Spencer's very interesting and informative article on A thru I. Their response in full is in the comments to my original post (see below). They seem to think an appology is necessary; if anything it seems to me they should be a bit humble about making the article next to impossible to find. Read Spencer's article now if you haven't already, here's how:

It can ... be accessed via a search on Colorado Confidential by selecting "diary" and typing "Hickenlooper" as the keyword.

As of October 18, Face the State had not corrected its October 17 headline, which remains posted in its original form on Face the State's archives:

Where'd Jim Spencer's Column Go?

Tim Gill-Backed Website Yanks Critical Article Against A-I

Now that Wren's eJournal has acknowledged its error, will Face the State do the same?

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