Former Fort Collins mayor responds to Colorado Media Matters item regarding Greeley Tribune article


A September 4 Colorado Media Matters item noted the Greeley Tribune's uncritical reporting of former Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez's purported assertion in his recently published book, Baby Boy-R, that Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter "change[d] his position to allow abortion and supporting funding for programs such as Planned Parenthood." On September 5, Martinez provided the following response to Colorado Media Matters, asserting that the newspaper and the reporter did not accurately convey his remarks:

The [Tribune] story doesn't have it correctly. In my book, I quote a story written by Jim Pfaff, President/CEO, Colorado Family Action about Gov. Ritter. The first thing I noted on page 96 is that I was disappointed when I read the article by Jim Pfaff, but that "there may be more than meets the eye." And at the end of the article I write; "I hope Governor Ritter reads my story or is able to hear other success stories from those who have encountered similar life experiences. Every child, regardless of the circumstances of their conception, should have a chance to be born and live a full life. I really believe Bill Ritter is a kind hearted man who has good intentions."

If a reporter is going to do a book review, they should read the book and quote accurately what I said, without sensationalizing. I don't have any reason to criticize Governor Ritter. That's why I wrote the chapter, "Politics gets in the Way"... I would appreciate it if the media told "the rest of the story."

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