KVOR's Warren: "[A]ll you college dropouts at Colorado Media Matters, if I get this wrong, forgive me"


While complaining to a caller about the cost of vehicle registration in Colorado on the July 2 broadcast of News Radio 740 KVOR's Afternoon Show, host Seth Warren referred to members of the Colorado Media Matters staff as "college dropouts."

From the July 2 broadcast of News Radio 740 KVOR's Afternoon Show (Live & Local):

CALLER: They've raised taxes for the roads, and for the upkeep of the roads, and expansion of I-25, but we haven't gotten anywhere faster. They started taxing our water and our rain -- next they're going to start taxing our sunshine, our wind, and the air we breathe. And, if you really complain about the roads enough, I'm pretty sure they'd have the police officers hand out more tickets --

WARREN: Well, here's, here's the --

CALLER: -- to raise some money.

WARREN: No. Yeah. No, that's gonna -- yeah, I don't know if they could hand out any more than they already do with the speed traps all over Colorado Springs. But --


WARREN: -- here's, here's the other thing, and this is kind of taking it in another direction, [caller], and while we're kind of venting about things that are frustrating us, I've got to renew my license on my truck. Now, when I lived in New Mexico -- I, I'm just paraphrasing, so, you know, all you college dropouts at Colorado Media Matters, if I get this wrong, forgive me, I'm paraphrasing -- it was like 72 dollars for two years to do my, my registration for my, my vehicle in New Mexico, when I lived there. And I, and I don't miss New Mexico. I love Colorado. I'm never, I'm -- I live here now. I'm gonna die here hope -- well, hopefully later down the road. But I love Colorado; that's the point. I, I'm not unhappy with it. But you know what it is to register a vehicle in, in Colorado? It's, it's the highest that I've ever seen. I know there's states back East that charge you an arm and a leg.

Colorado Media Matters staff members' biographies are available on the organization's website.

On June 21, Colorado Media Matters noted Warren's baseless assertion that the rise in armed robberies in Colorado Springs was "tied to the fact that we now have so many more illegal aliens, or illegal immigrants in our community." In delivering his assessment, Warren did not disclose a statement from El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa about the rise in crime in the county -- which includes Colorado Springs -- concluding that the diversion of local law enforcement resources was a primary factor contributing to the rise in robberies, and that "illegal immigration" was one of several drains on resources.

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