Boyles on Colorado Media Matters: "[T]hey're the speech Nazis"


On the May 24 broadcast of his 630 KHOW-AM show, host Peter Boyles responded to guest Bob Cote's apparent reference to Colorado Media Matters by declaring, "[T]hey're the speech Nazis." The exchange came while they were discussing the controversy over the "wopburger," a menu item at an Italian restaurant in Louisville, Colorado.

After Cote described the controversy involving the Blue Parrot restaurant in Louisville as "PC gone mad," Boyles labeled as "speech Nazis" those who took offense to the name "wopburger" and "these people run these blogs" that identify so-called "hate speak or hate radio." Cote began to remark, in regard to his appearances on Boyles' show, about a "Media something" before Boyles interrupted him, saying, "[D]on't even talk about it." After Cote said, "No, but they're on Google," Boyles called the organization, presumably Colorado Media Matters, "speech Nazis."

Colorado Media Matters has noted several instances in which Cote and Boyles have spread misinformation regarding Denver's homeless population on Boyles' show. Colorado Media Matters also has documented repeatedly instances in which Boyles has uttered, promoted, or defended racial or ethnic slurs while discussing the topic of illegal immigration on his show. Boyles has claimed that those opposing positions such as his regarding illegal immigrants and illegal immigration have used the term "neo-Nazi" as a criticism.

Boyles' remark parroted comments made by Melanie Morgan, co-host of San Francisco radio station KSFO's Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Program, in an April 20 column for that criticized Media Matters for America as "free speech Nazis."

From the May 24 broadcast of 630 KHOW-AM's The Peter Boyles Show:

COTE: And I thought he was gonna pick it up, but they started on that thing at the Blue Parrot, which was a perfect example of, you know, PC gone mad.

BOYLES: You know, there's a new word for those people, the people like that guy Gambino and these people run these blogs: speech Nazis.

COTE: Yeah, that's about it.

BOYLES: I mean, I started -- yesterday I'm reading and I said, they're the speech Nazis. That's like the, the politically correct -- you hate, people say that's hate speak or hate radio.

COTE: Yeah.

BOYLES: Or you can't use this or you can't say that on the air. Those people are the speech Nazis.

COTE: Yeah, well, every time I'm on your show there's somethin', Media something --

BOYLES: Yeah, but don't even talk about it. I mean, it's no big deal, but --

COTE: No, but they're on Google.

BOYLES: No, they're the, no, they're the -- no, they're the speech Nazis.

COTE: You better believe they are.

BOYLES: Yeah, they're the speech Nazis.

COTE: They're all over the place.

BOYLES: Well, there's all kinds. I mean, there's just -- I mean, the speech Nazis are out there. But, big deal. Like the man said, BFD. So, but --

COTE: It's not gonna work.

BOYLES: No. Well, they're -- they're speech Nazis.

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