On KNUS' Backbone Radio, Andrews replayed segment of falsehoods from him and GOP state lawmakers


After Colorado Media Matters' debunking of false and misleading conservative talking points issued during a previous broadcast of Backbone Radio, KNUS 710 AM host John Andrews aired the same prerecorded segment again on April 22 -- without addressing the falsehoods about Democratic-sponsored bills.

Following an April 18 Colorado Media Matters item that debunked numerous false or misleading statements John Andrews and state Republican legislators made about Democratic-sponsored legislation on the April 15 broadcast of his KNUS 710 AM Backbone Radio show, Andrews replayed the prerecorded segment on his April 22 broadcast.

Although the interviews with state Republican lawmakers originally were recorded during an April 11 visit to the Colorado state Capitol, Andrews introduced the April 22 segment on his show as "our legislative update." He also stated, "Our goal on this special report is to give concerned Colorado citizens the information and the tools to help you be involved." However, he once again failed to correct or challenge falsehoods issued by Reps. Cory Gardner (Yuma) and Amy Stephens (Monument), as well as Senate Minority Leader Andrew McElhany (Colorado Springs), on subjects ranging from sex education legislation to labor reform. For example:

  • McElhany repeated a misleading conservative talking point about the 2005 referred ballot measure Referendum C by saying, "[T]his is what's been called the largest tax increase in Colorado history." As Colorado Media Matters has noted, Referendum C neither raised any then-existing tax rates nor imposed any additional taxes.
  • Stephens claimed House Bill 1292 would "take away local control" of sex education in schools and "do away with" abstinence programs. In fact, the bill states explicitly that schools offering planned instruction in human sexuality must "maintain content standards for the curriculum based on scientific research," and, at the same time, "emphasize abstinence and teach that sexual abstinence is the only certain way and the most effective way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections." HB 1292 also exempts school districts that receive federal funds for "an abstinence education program" and requires that school districts "[e]stablish a procedure to exempt a student, upon request of the parent or guardian of such student, from a specific portion of the health education program on the grounds that it is contrary to the religious or personal beliefs."
  • Gardner falsely stated that House Bill 1072, which Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter vetoed on February 9, would have "take[n] away people's rights" and "force[d] unionization on all shops." As Colorado Media Matters repeatedly has noted, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) states that a collective bargaining agreement cannot compel all workers covered under an agreement to maintain full membership in a union.

From the April 22 broadcast of KNUS 710 AM's Backbone Radio:

ANDREWS: Continuing now with "Colorado Call to Action," a KNUS special report coming to you direct from the state Capitol with former Senate president John Andrews as your host. Our goal on this special report is to give concerned Colorado citizens the information and the tools to help you be involved, make your voice heard, and perhaps even make a difference on the outcome of key legislative decisions in what are now the final days of the 2000 [sic] session of your Colorado General Assembly.

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