Bad moons rising


More on Edwards and the bloggers: The Pandagon woman has resigned, here. Isn't it weird that the Times would not print the letter from the woman from Catholics for a Free Choice, the one where Donohue is explained to be the right-wing hysteric/anti-Semite he is? Again, I ask: Why is the Times in the tank for this dangerous, McCarthyite crank? What does he have on the editors -- or the owners?

What kind of person accuses a Jew of helping the Nazis, basing his information on already-discredited lies perpetrated by a Scaife-owned and directed publication, and then does not apologize when corrected? More Marty Peretz.

P.S. When you think about it, Peretz and Richard Mellon Scaife have a great deal in common. Neither would matter whatsoever without their inherited moneys -- though in Marty's case, it was his (second incredibly wealthy) wife's. Both use their inherited fortunes to slander their ideological enemies and reward their allies. Both are taken seriously exclusively because they sign the checks.

This is kind of funny: On Page 162 of Politics Lost, Joe Klein writes, "Gary Wills, the erudite former Catholic priest who was writing, I think, for Time magazine." Number one, it's "Garry." Number two, he was never a Catholic priest. That makes two mistakes in six words. I wouldn't be surprised if he never wrote for Time magazine, either.

Here is Human Rights Watch's horrific report on male prison rape in the United States. This kind of issue really tells you what kind of country you live in.

This is really annoying, don't you think?

When Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed a packed crowd of Israel supporters in New York last week, she opened with a joke that signaled she was among respected old friends.

Earlier in the afternoon, Clinton said, she had been frantic, as a critical Senate vote on the minimum wage delayed her trip north for the dinner, a yearly fundraiser held by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Her staff was at wit's end trying to ensure that the lawmaker would make her scheduled 7 p.m. flight -- until, that is, an Aipac "mitzvah" came to the rescue.

"At 5:00 we got a call -- not from my Senate leadership or my colleagues -- but from Aipac, saying that the vote would be at 5:30," Clinton recounted, chuckling. "Your intelligence sources are certainly beyond anything we have in Washington." The 1,700-member audience laughed heartily, notwithstanding the allusion -- however unintentional -- to Aipac's recent legal troubles, involving two former staffers accused of passing classified information to the Israelis. And they cheered as Clinton wasted little time emphatically making a hard-line case for tough action to block Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

So, hahaha. Inside AIPAC, it's just fine to joke about the Israel lobby controlling Congress, or at the very least, spying, huh? This is the same speech in which she refused to cave into the AIPAC line on Iran and Syria so it's triply annoying.

Meanwhile, to me, these people are living in an alternative reality.

From our sponsors:

Carlson: Clinton's message to Iraqis is, "Go ahead and eat each other, we're leaving"

Matthews claimed Gore is an "elitist from the Northeast"

Politico falsehood: Obama never sponsored "any legislation that would affect the way Americans live their daily lives"

CNN did not challenge GOP guest who said Clinton camp "possibly" behind Obama-madrassa smear

NY Times weblog reprinted Allen's false suggestion that Obama flip-flopped on the origin of his name

Kurtz suggested no Republican candidate has hired "outrageous" blogger -- what about McCain?

Finally: Everybody be nice.

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