Hannity falsely claimed Dem plan includes "nothing about ... increasing security in this country"


On the January 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, co-host Sean Hannity falsely claimed that House Democrats' plan for the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress includes "nothing about ... enhancing or increasing our security in this country." However, as Media Matters for America has noted, House Democrats have announced their intention to introduce legislation to implement recommendations by the 9-11 Commission as part of their initial slate of legislation.

The plan outlined on the House Democratic leader's website, titled "100 Hours," includes a claim that Democrats intend to "make our nation safer and we will begin by implementing the recommendations of the independent, bipartisan 9/11 Commission." As Media Matters has noted, there are several recommendations of the 9-11 Commission that have not been enacted that members of the commission say could be implemented by the Democratic Congress.

From the January 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes:

DICK MORRIS (Fox News political analyst): And the other thing is, remember, these guys aren't legislating. They're writing their party platform. They know these bills aren't going anywhere. They know these are one-house bills. They're passing them so that they can make a party statement.

HANNITY: Get on the record. All right, look at how uninspiring, though. Minimum wage, look, I'm not saying any of these issues are unimportant --

MORRIS: Minimum wage will pass. It needs to.

HANNITY: Minimum wage, stem cells, student loans, and, laughably, ethics by Democrats. Is that -- we've got a war on terror. We're in the middle of a war in Iraq. We still don't have a comprehensive position by the Democratic Party. Nothing about controlling our borders, enhancing or increasing our security in this country. It's kind of uninspiring. This is the best they've got? This is their --

MORRIS: It's not a bad opening package. Minimum wage has broad, broad support.

HANNITY: Dick, this is 1938. You said it to me.

MORRIS: And it's key to -- oh, yes, of course.

HANNITY: So it's 1938, and the best they can come up with is stem cells?

MORRIS: You know what they really need to do? Pass the [Sen. Joseph] Lieberman [CT] bill. There's a bill in the United States Senate, introduced by 28 senators, including some real right-wingers, like Jeff Sessions [R] of Alabama and some liberals. And it requires that, within 10 years, every car in America be flex-fuel, be able to run on diesel or on gasoline, and requires that they all be plug-ins.

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