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Over the past six weeks or so, during the height of the midterm election campaign season, even as conservatives denounced what they baselessly characterized as the liberal media's determination to deliver a victory for the Democrats, the American public witnessed, and Media Matters documented, numerous examples of media falsehoods benefiting the GOP, repetition of Republican smears of Democrats contradicted by the evidence, an egregious double standard in assessing Democrats' and Republicans' standards of victory, and the credulous invocation of such out-of-left field administration claims as the terrorists want the Democrats to win. They have raised the specter of Democratic investigations, as if that were not Congress' responsibility. They have asserted that Congress will really not get anything done if the Democrats take control -- forgetting the GOP's largely failed legislative agenda. Media Matters has compiled a Wall of Shame, highlighting some of the more notable examples of media flat falsehoods, distortions, double-standards, and perpetuation of baseless stereotypes. Read More

Media repeat GOP attacks on Pelosi as "extreme," "out of touch," ignoring House Dems' widely supported legislative agenda

Juan Williams on public telling pollsters it favors Democrats on taxes: "[T]o me, that's crazy"

Absent any evidence, CNN anchors and reporters asserted that Kerry remark will have major impact

MSNBC's Crowley: Kerry's remark shows "how lucky we were that he was not elected president" and that "Republicans remain the grown-ups ... on national security"

Broadcast networks all led with Kerry's "botched joke," entirely ignored Bush's statement that a Democratic victory means "terrorists win and America loses"

WSJ gave credence to Republican boasts of early voting successes, providing no independent evidence

On MSNBC's Tucker, radio host Mark Williams claimed "people have made up their mind" that voting Democratic "hastens the day we disappear in a nuclear holocaust"

O'Donnell asked congresswoman to go "on the record" with "promise" that Dems won't "make the president's final two years in office a living hell"

Wash. Post didn't think Webb novel story was newsworthy until Internet gossip Drudge promoted it

ABC's Nightline reported that "both sides" are airing "mudslinging" campaign ads, yet Nightline could not point to a single Democratic example

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