Bios of Gannon, others vanished from Talon News website


Since Media Matters for America drew attention (here, here, here, and here) to Talon News and its Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent Jeff Gannon -- who lifted large portions of RNC and White House releases verbatim and without attribution for inclusion in several of his "reports" -- information about Gannon and other Talon staff members has disappeared from the Talon News website.

Gannon's bio on the Talon News website is no longer available. A link from Google to his bio leads to the Talon website with a message that reads: "The file you are looking for cannot be found on the Talon News web site," though it is still available in Google's cache. Additionally, the "About" section on the Talon News website, which previously contained information and bios for Talon's staff and "volunteer reporters," has been cleared of everything except brief information about Talon; the previous version has been cached by Google as well. Media Matters' January 28 report detailing how Talon News staff members appeared to be more Republican activists than reporters relied heavily on the bios posted on that page.

Gannon's bio remains available on GOPUSA's website, which identifies him as the author of another website, The Conservative Guy. That site is also blank, but is cached here. Media Matters has previously noted that Talon News editor-in-chief Bobby Eberle also serves as president and CEO of GOPUSA.

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