FOX promo for Bush special ... or special promo for Bush?


On January 12, FOX News Channel aired a promo for a program titled George W. Bush: Behind the Scenes, hosted by Brit Hume and scheduled to air January 17. The five quotes come from unnamed people, followed by a FOX voice-over:

"That's when I stood at the door, and I contemplated what I would tell the President."

"That was the definitive moment of the presidency."

"And he said, 'We're at war. Get me the director of the FBI and get me the vice president.'"

"This is a man who believes very deeply in the nation, America, and the future of the country."

"Quite frankly, this President is more interested in doing than talking."

Now, through exclusive never-before-seen footage and interviews with his inner circle, it's George W. Bush: Behind the Headlines, hosted by Brit Hume.

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