Donald Lambro inaccurately cited exit poll data


Washington Times chief political correspondent and nationally syndicated columnist Donald Lambro joined other conservative commentators in inaccurately citing exit poll data. In a November 11 "Commentary" column for The Washington Times, Lambro asserted that the Democrats' "addiction to higher taxes and bigger government" would ensure the party's continued minority status. To argue this point, he incorrectly claimed that according to exit polls, 70 percent of voters believe the government should not do more to "solve problems." In fact, the exit poll data show that 49 percent of voters hold this belief; 70 percent of that 49 percent voted for President George W. Bush.

From Lambro's November 11 column:

But other policy deficits of the Democrats are likely to keep them in the minority for years to come: their addiction to higher taxes and bigger government. When exit polls asked voters, "should government do more to solve problems," an astounding 70 percent said no.

According to exit poll data reported by CNN, 46 percent of the electorate responded "yes" when asked whether the "government [should] do more to solve problems." Forty-nine percent responded "no."

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