Carlson falsely claimed Clinton called half the country "wackos" in convention speech


CNN Crossfire co-host Tucker Carlson claimed that former President Bill Clinton called Republicans (whom Carlson said are "half the country") "wackos" in his July 26 speech to the Democratic National Convention. When CNN host Larry King corrected Carlson during a panel discussion on Larry King Live, saying, "He [Clinton] didn't say 'wacko,'" Carlson retracted and reworked his charge as follows: "[W]hat he did say was, '[T]hey [Republicans] need a divided America,' and that's -- I don't know -- pretty stout criticism. I don't think it's entirely fair. And coming from the former president, I think it's a bit heavy."

The text of Clinton's convention speech, free of any reference to anyone as a "wacko", is available here.

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