Mark Finchem thanks QAnon show’s audience for donations to his election denial organization

Finchem, who was the Republican nominee for Arizona secretary of state in 2022, also pushed the baseless conspiracy theory that the Sinaloa drug cartel bribed Arizona officials and judges to rig elections

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Citation From the August 12, 2023, edition of X22 Report, streamed on Rumble

“DAVE” (HOST): You started the Election Fairness Institute and you're looking into the election system. How do we combat this? How do we take the elections that we have today and make them transparent, make them fair? Because we know that just in Arizona and I think just in Ohio, that we have major, major problems there. 
MARK FINCHEM: Even here in Arizona, you've got individuals over a decade who were installed in office. You know, everybody likes to point at George Soros. Well, OK, that's one bad actor, but there are many. The Sinaloa drug cartel, for example, funds a lot of people who are getting — being put into office so that when the time is right, when they need to have that decision, when they need to have that thing happen that they've paid good money for, they've got somebody in place to make that happen. So it's not hard to understand that you have elected officials who have hired bureaucracy to run elections so that the outcomes are predictable. And the people who possess power, rightly or wrongly, the people who possess power, ensure that they will continue to possess that power. 
So, with that said, the Election Fairness Institute, we just concluded a pretty significant investigation, private investigation into money laundering and how that money laundering affects elections. We've turned that over to law enforcement. They're going to have to go through and re-vet everything that we discovered. But we've moved on to a new project that we're in the process of launching, and that is to identify phantom voters by looking at the addresses where they are registered to vote. Now, I want to take a moment, Dave —
“DAVE”: Sure.
FINCHEM: And just thank the people that listen to your show. We've seen a great deal of support from people giving $20 a month faithfully, on a recurring contribution scale. I mean, we've got one fella who's given $500 a month, has been for — since we had the last interview. This is what is keeping the Election Fairness Institute on track so that we can do the phantom voter analysis.