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OutKick’s newest show is already leaning into bigotry and conspiracy theories

One of the first episodes of Maintaining with Tyrus — hosted by disgraced Fox contributor George “Tyrus” Murdoch — featured an interview with a notorious antisemite and conspiracy theorist

Even though Fox Corporation spent an unnamed sum of money to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit stemming from the behavior of on-air personality and longtime contributor George “Tyrus” Murdoch, the company continues to reward the former pro wrestler and flagrantly anti-LGBTQ commentator with more opportunities. 

The most recent opportunity is a new show associated with OutKick, which is owned by Fox Corp., called Maintaining with Tyrus, in which Tyrus interviews figures “in the sports, entertainment and pop culture spaces.” If Tyrus’ March 17 interview with Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe, who is best known for promoting antisemitism and offering misogynistic dating advice, is any indication, the show is already on its way to becoming a home for bigotry and conspiracy theories. 

  • Fox Corp. rewarded alleged sexual harasser Tyrus with a new OutKick show

    • In January, Fox Corp.'s OutKick announced its plans for an interview show — Maintaining with Tyrus — hosted by former WWE wrestler turned Fox personality George “Tyrus” Murdoch. The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “The show is expected to book guests in the sports, entertainment and pop culture spaces.” OutKick streams the show on major platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Apple podcasts. [Hollywood Reporter, 1/25/24]
    • In 2021, Fox settled a sexual harassment suit on Tyrus’ behalf after he allegedly made sexual advances toward a colleague. Tyrus remained a Fox contributor and host even after former colleague and co-host Britt McHenry accused him of sexual harassment and subsequently fomenting a toxic work environment after she refused his multiple sexual advances. Amid the lawsuit, Fox handed Tyrus a gig hosting his own show on the network’s streaming platform, Fox Nation, and a seat on Fox’s late night show, Gutfeld! [Los Angeles Times, 6/20/21; Media Matters, 4/7/21]
    • Tyrus has a history of making violent threats against trans people. Tyrus promised his pronoun would be “ass-whooping” if one of his children shared their “pronouns” with him. During an appearance on Gutfeld!, Tyrus also indicated that he would assault a hypothetical trans child that competed against his daughters at a swim meet, saying, “I'll be the dad to get arrested for snatching one out of the pool.” [Media Matters, 8/21/23, 9/14/23]
    • On March 17, Tyrus hosted Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe, a repeat Fox News guest who has a long history of antisemitic and misogynistic commentary. Sharpe has previously claimed Jewish people were responsible for “the destruction of the Black community” and blamed them for making “white supremacy a thought in people’s minds.” He has also argued “Black culture is sure to create nothing but failure,” and wrote on his blog that, “Women, like children, express themselves with tantrums.” [Media Matters, 9/9/22, 10/3/23; Daily Beast, 7/27/18; Right Wing Watch, 4/18/18]
  • During a recent episode of Maintaining with Tyrus, Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe shared a number of conspiracy theories, including debunked claims about George Floyd’s death and retailer Target selling trans swimwear to kids

    • Sharpe falsely claimed that George Floyd’s death was the result of a “personal matter” between Floyd and police officer Derek Chauvin, not police brutality. “While the left is using his life in a way and the right is using his life in a way, there's a huge piece that's missing. The fact that these two individuals knew each other. They were coworkers. They used to, I believe, they were bouncers together,” Sharpe said. “So when I looked at the case and they said, the left said, ‘This is racially motivated.’ And the right is talking about, you know, fentanyl overdosing. I'm like, this looked like a personal matter between two individuals. Which means, I’m out. I have no opinion on this event.” In 2020, a man claimed that Floyd and Chauvin had known each other before the shooting, but he walked back the statement shortly after, stating he had confused Floyd with someone else. [OutKick, Maintaining with Tyrus, 3/17/24; The Hill, 6/11/20]
    • Sharpe said he was “pro looter” and justified looting Target stores because they sold “transgender bathing suits” and Pride merchandise. “Here’s why I’m pro-looter. Who did they loot? Target. What did Target do? They put that transgender in the kids sections — the transgender bathing suit in the kids section. So when I see people go into Target and loot, and people go, ‘Oh look they’re looting Target, I’m like, ‘Ya’ll like Target now?’” Sharpe then asked critics of looters, “Which one is your enemy? Is it the one that's promoting the rainbow to your children or the people taking from those people? Which side are you really on? So when I look at Target and some teenagers, I go, ‘I ain’t with Target.’” Target did offer “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, but they are not sold in the kids’ section. [OutKick, Maintaining with Tyrus, 3/17/24; AP, 5/26/23]
    • Sharpe pushed the conspiracy theory that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has a “fake boyfriend” whom she will leave once she exits office. Discussing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her fiancée, Sharpe questioned, “How fast is she gonna lose that fake boyfriend she got as soon as she leaves. Right? Like, as soon as she's out of a job, you're gonna see that fake boyfriend go away.” [OutKick, Maintaining with Tyrus, 3/17/24]
    • Tyrus praised Sharpe as a “free thinker.” Tyrus lauded Sharpe, stating, “You’re not dangerous because you’re a Black Republican, you’re dangerous because you’re a free thinker, who weighs things out and makes choices based on what's best for my individual success. I feel like that’s more of the threat or the person they want to silence the most.” [OutKick, Maintaining with Tyrus, 3/17/24]