Fox News’ Tyrus promises to assault any trans children he sees competing in athletic events

Tyrus: “I'll be the dad to get arrested for snatching one out of the pool”

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Citation From the September 12, 2023, edition of Fox News' Gutfeld!

TYRUS (GUEST): The comment to say she sucked, right? She did fight a trained man in a swimming pool to a draw, and he had her by weight, muscle, and length. That's pretty [bleep] impressive. Let's not forget that. A lot of women would have probably been a little intimidated because I'm sure he was doing what men do, intimidate, stare down, all that type -- if you watch it back. He was cocky, and she showed that it takes a super woman athlete to have to compete with him. My daughters all swim and if -- and I go to as many meets as I can, and I'm watching because I'll be the dad to get arrested for snatching one out of the pool.

I mean cause it's just -- we do this Trans Tuesday, and we do it every week. We have more Trans Tuesday episodes than there's trans. They create this thing, this giant thing. When it comes to these sports, it has nothing to do with that. These are just creepy men who can't compete who then tried to use the feelings of the left to support them because they want to win. They're not there to make a statement. If it was about making a statement, they'd ride and pull off to the side, like  "I was just happy to compete, and women should win." But they're not.

And it's funny because they don't have to get the change. They don't have to do the chopping. But for some reason, they want our kids to chop because the definition of a woman is you don't know what it is, so why do they have to change anything? That's the craziness, the ridiculousness of all this is. Let's just call it for what it is. It's just bad men wearing wigs and makeup to steal things from women because they can't take them from us.