After Democratic debate, Fox's Newt Gingrich calls Democrats “an anti-American party”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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NEWT GINGRICH (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): First of all, if you are a Democrat in this particular year, you are going to run to the left. You are going to be anti-Trump, and to some extent you are essentially arguing that America is a bad country and that only you can fix it. So they are not running to govern the country as it exists, they are running to change the country pretty dramatically. On the other hand, in these kind of debates, which is all chaos, what you need is a good 30 to 45 seconds. And I thought Elizabeth Warren was very effective in saying I will fight for you the way I would fight for my own family. She doesn't need much more than that at this stage. She probably, strategically, was the winner last night because she went in as the strongest of that particular set of 10, and I think she came out with the best line and as a very strong person. And on the other hand, I think Beto O'Rourke probably was the big loser because everybody decided to beat him up, and there is not much there anyway and they just drove it further down. 


LISA BOOTHE (GUEST CO-HOST): How big of a challenge is it for these candidates to run against what is a strong economy right now? 

GINGRICH: Look, the Democratic Party is increasingly, in a way, an anti-American party. They want to change everything. What [Corey] Booker just said about small business, it's just factually not true. You have more small businesses, they are doing better, they are hiring more people. But imagine the challenge you have got as a Democrat. You are going to go out and say you don't like the highest level of Black employment in history? You don't like wages going up for blue collar working? You don't like adding manufacturing jobs? So they have this problem that the Trump economy is actually working. And, yet, they think they have somehow got to attack it. And I think they are much -- that we are in much greater danger of Republicans on the health issue than we are on the economy issue. I'm perfectly happy for them to try to talk down the economy because most Americans, in fact, give Trump much better marks on the economy than they gave Obama and most Americans realize that all these new jobs are a good thing. 


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