On MSNBC's All In, Angelo Carusone explains how the “right wing information ecosystem” is driving extreme Congressional actions

From the July 25 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): You have had this sort of weird kind of axis of sort of interests here, with the White House, the president, who oversees the Justice Department, right -- it's independent, but oversees it -- Trump TV, which has been allied with the president, and the House Freedom Caucus, all  waging this kind of war against Rod Rosenstein.


HAYES: That was -- struck me as a real -- a real sort of moment for Rosenstein, then. What do you think he's thinking? What's happening now, Angelo?

ANGELO CARUSONE: I mean, I think that he is thinking the same thing that I am thinking. I don't find it all that shocking, to be quite honest. It's just -- the only thing that it signifies, from my perspective, is that there is no more daylight between the right wing information ecosystem, a very significant portion of the Republican members of Congress, and the White House.

And I think that if you are Rod Rosenstein, you have been on the receiving end of sort of a two-front assault. One has been the pretty consistent undermining -- and you can put it with mathematical precision -- of consistently putting a doubt into the legitimacy of Rosenstein and the entire team around him, to actually execute justice.

So, they really created on the one hand, some doubt and concerns to sort of keep people -- even if they are not entirely all bought in on the fact of the “deep state,” that maybe there is something more there, some partisan interest sort of guiding it, and then a full on assault against Rosenstein himself. And so -- and that has been every single day in the conservative media, since last summer


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