Newsmax's Eric Bolling asks Gov. Kristi Noem if her book editor was a “liberal plant”

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Citation From the May 6, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Governor, I've also written a couple of books and I know how the process works. You write some chapters. You don't write the whole book at once, you write a chapter or two. You send it to the editors and they edit. They read it, they add, they subtract. And here's my question. The editor, the editor, was she possibly a plant, a liberal plant? Because I'm not sure either one of these stories -- the dog story or the North Korea story seems like the Kristi Noem I know.

GOV. KRISTI NOEM (GUEST): The buck always stops with me. I take my own full responsibility. I wrote this book and I take the responsibility for what's in it. It's a great book, Eric. I hope everybody reads it and buys it. It's available tomorrow. No Going Back. It's a powerful book, and it tells a lot of things at the end of these chapters about, really what people can do to get involved. That their voice matters, their vote matters, but also that it talks about money in politics and how that's an important part of politics, but it's being spent wrong. What they can do to push back on consultants who are in this game just to get rich. How their phone calls and emails make a difference. This world is still run by people who show up, and that I will always fight for the people of South Dakota. I will always fight for the people that I'm elected to represent, them, and have the hard conversations that we need to protect our freedoms and our liberties.