Steve Bannon says Trump is “dead wrong” to support Speaker Mike Johnson

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Citation From the May 6, 2024, edition of John Fredericks Radio Network's The John Fredericks Show 

JOHN FREDERICKS (HOST): Tell me about Speaker Mike Johnson. What is your –  what is going on here? I mean, President Trump backing him again over the weekend at Mar-a-Lago, really taking the wind out of anybody's sails for getting rid of this guy. Give us your analysis on this, Steve.

STEVE BANNON (GUEST): I don't agree with that. I don't think President Trump, the people around him have given him the information. Look what came out today. Axios broke a huge story. When I see Mike Johnson, all his glory, he flies back from Mar-a-Lago, has a big dinner with all these fat cat donors in Washington D.C. last night, and he talks about what he will do if they hold the House. He's going to – he's going to do away with all the reforms we’ve done, of the power sharing. He's going to go back to a hardcore D.C. cartel. He's going to get rid of the three conservatives on the Rules Committee. They're gonna take charge of the Rules Committee. He basically lays out everything we fought for in getting rid of McCarthy, Mike Johnson now as a conservative is going to undo. Don't take it from me, read Axios. Axios got direct notes from the meeting last night, and this shows you the kind of worm that Mike Johnson is. 

Look, I – there's no bigger platform supporting President Trump and demanding that Johnson and Jordan immediately start a criminal conspiracy investigation, having subpoenas slide this week to go on offense against this outrage of President Trump or what they're doing in the courts. But President Trump on Mike Johnson is dead wrong.