National Syndicated Radio Host Michael Berry: “Black Folk Don't Need To Hear No Economics”

Berry: “What You Can't Blame The System For Is When A Black Man Makes A Baby With A Black Woman With No Intention Of Taking Care Of It. That Ain't Whitey's Fault.”

From the February 11 edition of iHeart Radio's The Michael Berry Show:

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MICHAEL BERRY: Bernie Sanders' meeting with Al Sharpton yesterday. None of these people are speaking out on the basis of economic policy, foreign policy. None of these things affect whether life in this country will be wonderful because of opportunity. All of this is related to what are you going to do for blacks? What are you going to do for us? Those are the words that come out. But what they really mean is what are you going to do for me? How much I'm going to get paid? What I'm going to get out this deal?

CNN's Marc Lamont Hill says, quote, “Bernie Sanders has to put himself in a position where black voters see him as the conscious choice, see him as the one who reflects their sensibilities. He has not done that purely by talking economics.”

You can't talk economics. We talking about black folk here! Black folk don't need to hear no economics! Next line.

'“He has to talk to our racial pain, our racial realities.” In other words, he has to talk down to us.

Headline yesterday: Over 40 percent of babies born in American in 2015 were to fatherless woman, fatherless homes. Over 40 percent. If you look at just blacks -- want to talk about the black experience today? Last time I checked, I think it was three-quarters. Might have been two-thirds but I think it was three-quarters of babies born in America. Listen, I got news for you. When you attack a cop, you can blame him for shooting back. When you break the laws, even if they're stupid, you knew what the law was, and you get caught, you're going to jail. You can blame the system. But what you can't blame the system for is when a black man makes a baby with a black woman, with no intention of taking care of it. That ain't whitey's fault. And that's the biggest problem because every little baby that's plopped out is gonna grow into a man or a woman, and many times without any direction.   


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