Radio host Michael Berry: “We have people in this country who literally want to kill you”

Berry: “If they can destroy the cops there is nobody to stand in between you and them”

Michael Berry: "We have people in this country who literally want to kill you"

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Citation From the September 16, 2020, edition of iHeartRadio's The Michael Berry Show

MICHAEL BERRY (HOST): Folks we got cops on the streets throughout this country being beaten, abused, killed, murdered, run over, threatened, lasers in their eyes that are blinding them. This is what's happening. And Joe Biden is for this. How can there be a single poll that shows he's ahead? I got it. A lot of our people aren't answering these polls. These polls are mostly people that don't have a life and they're just happy somebody called. They think it's from the government; they think they are going to get a bigger welfare check.

But good lord people, how can we not be as focused as possible like a storm is about to hit to save this country knowing what these people are doing? These people are not harmless. This isn't social media threats. They're taking to the streets, burning down buildings, beating people, killing people, shooting them like a rabid dog in the streets and the Democrats still won't condemn it. This is happening in our country today.


It's not overblown. We're not arguing over academic issues. We have some people in this country who are at war with us. Do you understand this? We have people in this country who literally want to kill you and destroy everything that is your life. They hate you because you exist and they will say so. They hate this country. You know how I figured out they hate this country? The whole “death to America" that they keep chanting. I did some thinking. And I realized, oh that means you want to kill this country. See I'm quick that way. Yeah, yeah they want to kill cops in city after city. Do you notice that these people are not related? They are not brothers and sisters from the same family or the same church. They have a universal, among them, hatred for the cops because if they can destroy the cops, there is nobody to stand in between you and them. “Oh Michael I got a gun." Yeah and I do too, a lot of them. You've got a false sense of security that you are going to be hunkered down and you're going to be in a shootout and then it's going to be over.

OK, you've got a gun. Your wife and your son go to a restaurant to grab a quick bite before his sporting event. When they walk in the restaurant, eight people jump them and start beating the snot out of them. Where are you at hot shot? “I've got a gun Michael. I hope they come for me." Listen, they don't send you a press release and say we'll be there at 9 if you want to have your guns ready, dumbass. Is this the country we are going to live in? If you don't realize you can't be there to protect your children all day everyday. You can't be there to protect your wife. “Oh my wife's tough she's got a pistol in her purse." They will steal her purse and rape her. Look at what these people are doing. And they are doing it -- they're doing it with the full support of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and Drew Brees for that matter, and the NFL and Major League Baseball and the NBA.

They're putting it there: Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter. What is Black Lives Matter? White punks who were in antifa last week beating people to death, shining lasers in people's eyes, burning down businesses and all over our television Black Lives Matter. We have shut down the economy for the flu. This is what we've come to.

Folks, you better engage or it's about to get bad.