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Misogynistic manosphere influencers embrace Nazism

Influencers who offer dubious lifestyle and dating advice to men are praising Adolf Hitler and Nazis

Right-wing “manosphere” influencers including Sneako, Jon Zherka, and Myron Gaines are embracing Nazism and defending Adolf Hitler online. These influencers — who have large followings across multiple platforms — have histories of making antisemitic comments and pushing conspiracy theories about Jewish people, but their pro-Hitler and Nazism commentary marks an escalation.  

Over the past year, these three figures have praised and defended Hitler, done the Nazi Seig Heil salute while streaming, and refused to disavow Nazism. 

These influencers are part of the manosphere, an online community of right-wing websites, bloggers, and personalities cultivating a worldview based on conservative and regressive gender politics repackaged for the internet age. 

While purporting to provide dating, financial, and lifestyle advice to men, some manosphere figures are aligning themselves with far-right personalities. Their online presence can serve as a gateway to push audiences further to the right toward more dangerous ideologies, as they often use other topics that interest young men — like weightlifting, video games, and boxing — to draw viewers in before diving into extremist content and misogyny.

Figures in this group often push extremism and antisemitism while blaming women for myriad societal woes and treating them as an inferior sex. Rhetoric from these influencers can sometimes be overtly cruel and promote hitting, degrading, and shaming women.

  • Sneako

  • Right-wing streamer Sneako (real name Nico Kenn De Balinthazy) is a manosphere influencer and associate of pro-Hitler rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West). He has been described as “a cheap imitation” of misogynist, media personality, and alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate. 

    Sneako is also an associate of white supremacist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. He spoke at one of Fuentes’ antisemitic rallies. He is banned on TikTok and YouTube and has promoted the abuse of women.

    Sneako recently interviewed Nevada Lt. Gov. Stavros Anthony at an event for former President Donald Trump. Several attendees also pointed out that Sneako is one of Fuentes’ associates.

    On several occasions, Sneako has praised, defended, and embraced Adolf Hitler and Nazism. 

    While probing a German woman about her sex life in a stream uploaded to X, Sneako made antisemitic comments and said he wanted to do the fascist Roman salute “so bad.”

    “How about we role play,” Sneako said. “I’ll be the Nazi and I’ll shove you in the oven like a dirty Jew.”

  • Video file

    Citation Video via @RedPillSayian on X, uploaded on March 5, 2024

  • On X (formerly Twitter), Sneako posted a picture of Hitler and wrote, “this nigga had aura.”

  • Sneako Hitler had aura

    Citation Screenshot via X

  • During a livestream on the right-wing video hosting platform Rumble, Sneako said that “the Nazis had drip” and that the swastika is “aesthetically pleasing.”

  • Video file

    Citation From a December 2, 2022, Sneako Rumble livestream 

  • While livestreaming with influencer Adin Ross, Sneako refused to call Hitler evil.

  • Video file

    Citation Video via @DramaAlert on X, uploaded on April 12, 2023

  • Sneako wrote on X that people should not “bash” Hitler for killing Jewish people and wished him a happy birthday.

  • Sneako "don't bash" Hitler

    Citation Screenshot via X

  • Jon Zherka & Myron Gaines

  • Self-proclaimed woman-hater and manosphere influencer Jon Zherka, who has flirted with underage girls online, been praised by Fuentes, and shared content promoting violent attacks against women, has also embraced Nazism. 

    Zherka instructed a group of women to do a Nazi Sieg Heil during a livestream and say “heil Hitler.”

  • Video file

    Citation Video from @AFPost on X, uploaded on February 21, 2024

  • During a livestream debate about Israel featuring Zherka, Fuentes, white nationalist Vincent James Foxx, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, and Rumble streamer Elijah Schaffer, Zherka did a Nazi Sieg Heil salute.

  • Video file

    Citation From the January 11, 2024, edition of Slightly Offensive with Elijah Schaffer 

  • In a bizarre livestream video posted to Reddit, Zherka melted down after finding out a woman he was hanging out with is Jewish. “You rule the world and all the banking,” he said to the woman while pretending to hit her. 

    After the woman said “I don’t like Hitler,” Zherka asked, “The fuck is wrong with you?” He later added, “I’ll regret this, dude.”

    Zherka ended the livestream by saying “Hitler was a good guy.”

  • Video file

    Citation From a Jon Zherka livestream, uploaded to Reddit 

  • Zherka again did the Nazi Sieg Heil alongside Fuentes and manosphere influencer Myron Gaines (real name Amrou Fudl) during a livestream. Gaines then pretended to be Hitler’s ghost. 

    Antifeminist influencer Hannah Pearl Davis was also featured on the stream.

  • Video file

    Citation From a June 2023 Sneako Rumble livestream

  • During a stream with Sneako, Zherka identified himself as a Nazi while attacking a man’s appearance. 

    “You look like a Nazi that became a Nazi just to fit in,” Zherka said. “Like, you’re not actually one of us.”

  • Video file

    Citation From TikTok user @RedPillClips, uploaded on July 20, 2023

  • Gaines previously defended and praised Hitler on his Fresh & Fit After Hours podcast. 

    “Though he did things that were morally incorrect, he definitely did a bunch of things correct for his country. That’s a fact,” Gaines said.

  • Video file

    Citation  From the July 7, 2023, edition of Fresh & Fit After Hours, streamed on Rumble 

  • Influence on young people

  • Reporting shows how easily toxic rhetoric from manosphere influencers can infiltrate the minds of young audiences, even among users as young as 11.

    And some of the videos these manosphere influencers share, showing them meeting their fans, demonstrate  just how young some of these viewers are.

  • In one clip, young Sneako fans repeat his toxic rhetoric back to him, saying, “Fuck the women,” and, “All gays can die.” He seems to half-jokingly ask the camera, “What have I done?”

  • This sort of misogynistic and extremist rhetoric does not live in a vacuum online; it can lead to real-world violence and harassment.