White nationalist and Holocaust denier Vincent James Foxx praises Elon Musk’s posts, saying that it’s the same rhetoric that got him deplatformed

Foxx: What Musk posted about the ADL and minorities “is something that I actually said on my show the other day”

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Citation From the November 16, 2023, edition of Daily Veracity with Vincent James, streamed on Rumble

VINCENT JAMES FOXX (HOST): So Elon Musk responds by saying, “You have said the actual truth.” And there's another post from Elon Musk that has taken the internet by storm, and it's this post here from yesterday. He says the ADL “unjustly attacks the majority of the West, despite the majority of the West supporting the Jewish people and Israel. This is because they cannot, by their own tenets, criticize the minority groups who are their primary threat. It is not right and needs to stop.” 

So this is something that I actually said on my show the other day. I said, like who are the — so you see, like Ben Shapiro, right? His tweet, “I don't give a good damn about the browning of America. I don't give a damn about the browning of America,” from back in like the Trump — when Trump was running for office or just after Trump won the presidency in 2016 — called Trump alt-right, called Trump racist, said “there was no chance that he was going to beat Hillary Clinton.” And now, right after, very coincidentally, right after this all starts to pop off with the Israel-Gaza conflict, Israeli-Palestine, the newest Israeli-Palestine conflict, now all of a sudden you see Ben Shapiro talking about immigration, talking about demographic change, talking about how this is going to bring an end to the West, because the diversity that they have been pushing. 


That's what that is about, so in its entirety, in its entirety, the post is absolutely correct, in its entirety, this post here by Elon Musk ... is absolutely correct. And so he kind of expands on this. He says, “You're right, this does not extend to all Jewish communities, but it is not just limited to the ADL.” So right now, just this week, just this week, we have — just this week we have Elon Musk calling out how the Jewish elite have been pushing hatred against white people. 


Because in their mind — and I explained this the day before yesterday on the show — Hitler was white, right? Most of the leaders in Europe who kicked them out of all of these different countries throughout the years were white. And if we get rid of those people, especially like the Germanic-looking people, the white blond hair, blue eyes-looking people, then it will be less likely that there will be another pogrom and less likely that there will be another, in their eyes, Holocaust. What they didn't expect was all of the diversity that they pushed forward to turn on them, to turn on them more publicly and more vocally than the people that they were afraid of the most. You understand? And so that's that. 

And, you know, again, we've been called — we've been canceled from everything. We've been canceled from everything, everything that you can think of and more, we've been banned from. We've been banned from Twitter I don't know how many times, YouTube, all the payment processors. We've been banned from mail sites. We've been banned from Airbnb. We've been banned from Cash App and all of these different things, Linktree, because of what we're saying today. Because of what we're saying today, because of what we're saying on this show, which is true. And a lot of people are coming to the realization that it's true. Elon Musk is tweeting about this right now. How fast has this come? How quickly has this come since Ye, since really since Kanye, right? How quick has this happened? And this is why, you know, we've been canceled. This is why we've been attacked so much and so often.