Lou Dobbs and guest bash Rep. Matt Gaetz for voting to limit Trump’s war powers

Ed Rollins: “Certainly it’s gonna damage his credibility”

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Citation From the January 9, 2020 edition of Fox Business' Lou Dobbs Tonight:

LOU DOBBS (HOST): Matt Gaetz, a Republican who the president has spoken out in support of, Gaetz himself has been supportive of the president, and then today, to go along in a symbolic B.S. resolution vote against the president? 

ED ROLLINS: It's mind-boggling to me, and certainly it's gonna damage his credibility among conservative allies and people that have supported him, including us.

At the end of the day here, this is a symbolic vote and every Republican needed to be on board. Pelosi is running around today saying "I have bipartisan support on this issue," she's got three Republicans. We had eight Democrats.

That's not bipartisan, that's -- this was a stupid vote, should never have occurred, in any given time this brave and courageous group called the Congress has not voted a war presentation since World War II, and why would they go in at this point in time when this president basically is standing up and giving the best speech of his life yesterday, and standing up tough against a very serious place?

We all need to be behind him, we're going to need to move forward, and every Republican needs to be behind him.