Fox News personalities Ed Rollins and Tomi Lahren team up for pro-Trump PAC fundraising effort

Ed Rollins and Tomi Lahren for Great America PAC

Citation Ceci Freed / Media Matters | Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

The pro-Trump organization Great America PAC is featuring Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren in a fundraising push. The super PAC has a history of using Fox News’ publicity and branding to get supporters. 

Great America PAC states that it “is committed to bringing people together and uniting them behind President Donald Trump and the movement he represents.” It’s headed by Fox News contributor Ed Rollins, who has already been paid over half a million dollars by the organization.

Rollins sent a September 17 email telling readers that by “making a contribution of $75 or more today, you won't just be pledging your support to President Trump in 2020, but you will also receive a signed copy of Tomi's new book, Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable, before it sells out.” The solicitation contains a gif of Lahren’s signature on a Great America PAC sticker in her book. 

Lahren herself was previously a senior adviser to Great America Alliance, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that is led by the “same team” as Great America PAC. Media Matters documented in 2017 that both Great America Alliance and Great America PAC had integrated Fox News’ branding into their fundraising and publicity efforts. 

When Fox News hired Lahren in 2017, for instance, Great America Alliance created a fundraising page prominently featuring Fox News’ logo and asking people for their email addresses and donations to celebrate her new job. (The page was taken down after Media Matters asked Fox News about it.) 

Rollins has also promoted his groups directly to Fox News fans, including in a November 1, 2017, op-ed

In addition to their pro-Trump efforts on-air, Fox News personalities have been trying to help reelect the president in numerous other ways, including with fundraisers and speaking engagements.