Fox News contributor: “How does a president abuse his power? He has the ultimate power.”

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Citation From the December 19, 2019, edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom

FORMER SEN. ROBERT TORRICELLI (D-NJ): I don't fault a lot with the Founding Fathers, but “high crimes and misdemeanors” should have had more definition.

ED ROLLINS (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, bribery was a very serious thing — when you walked in with a bag of money and bought somebody, that was the intent. Abuse of power — how does a president abuse his power? He has the ultimate power. The Congress basically is a checks and balance. The courts are the third element here. And the idea that — the point you make is, any given day the House can decide, “I don't like a policy, I can get a whistleblower to basically make a charge like this guy did,” and basically march down the path. And we're at a point in time where it's Democrat or Republican. How can you do your job on a daily basis as a president, dealing in a very troubled world, while always worried about, “Am I going to abuse the power, or who's listening in on my calls?”