Watch A Transgender Cub Scout Explain The Importance Of Protecting Trans Students

From the February 23 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live

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 KATY TUR: Why are you proud of it? 

JOE MALDONADO: Because all transgenders can go into cub scouts now because of me. 

TUR: What do you think of this idea that the administration may want to leave it up to the states to decide who can use what bathroom? 

JOE MALDONADO: I think -- I don't know. I think it's wrong. 

TUR: Why do you think it's wrong? 

JOE MALDONADO: Because some governors will probably say no. And I don't think any states should be for that rule. 

TUR: What do you want to say to those governors who say maybe, no, little boys should not share bathrooms -- who they believe are little boys should not share bathrooms with little girls or vice versa? 

JOE MALDONADO: I think it's ridiculous. This is just -- oh, my gosh. It's just ridiculous. 

TUR: Why do you think it's ridiculous? 

JOE MALDONADO: Because it doesn't matter of your gender. It matters how you feel, not your gender. 


TUR: Mom, what is it like -- when you watch the news, and certainly things were one way during the Obama administration, they were trying to make it law but the courts had put a stay on it, and Trump during the campaign seemed to not want to take issue with it. So when you saw the change in policy yesterday, what was your reaction? 

KRISTIE MALDONADO:I don't think it's fair. I don't think it should be up to the state because I feel that one transgender is protected and the other state won't be protected. I think they should all be equal. 

JOE MALDONADO: It's messed up. 

TUR: Do you think this is a civil rights issue or is it a states issue? 

KRISTIE MALDONADO: I believe a civil rights issue. 

TUR: Why do you believe it's a civil rights issue? 

JOE MALDONADO: It's horrible. 

KRISTIE MALDONADO: It's to protect all transgender, not from one state to the next. 


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