Is Tim Graham really this stupid?

Proving once again that the NewsBusters brand of media criticism requires neither a media angle nor intelligence, Tim Graham has a post up titled: “Is Michelle Obama Really Endorsing the Radical Bill Ayers-Hosting Restaurant?”

Graham's complaint is that the latest issue of Condé Nast Traveler boasts an article that lists “the best” Washington DC institutions as recommended by Michelle Obama, and included on that list is the restaurant Busboys & Poets. Graham writes: “Is that really the kind of signal Mrs. Obama wants to send? After all, Busboys and Poets enthusiastically hosted the post-election Washington welcome for Obama supporter and Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers and his 'inspiring resources.' ”

Seriously. That's what he wrote. Go ahead and check for yourselves, it's right there on the NewsBusters website in all its non-ironic glory. Because the restaurant once hosted Bill Ayers, Michelle Obama is sending a bad “signal” by recommending it. Forget the food, the service, the atmosphere -- it's a bad place because they opened their doors to Bill Ayers that one time.

I've learned not to expect much from NewsBusters, but I never dreamed they could succeed in pushing those expectations even lower.