Still waiting for the Rightroots movement, cont'd

Boy, the press sure seems interested in right-wing blogosphere, even though it just got done embarrassing itself in the general election and still finds itself badly out manned by their liberal online counterparts. But as we noted yesterday, the press always thinks conservative bloggers are more interesting (and influential) than liberal ones.

Joining Newsweek this week in toasting the ineffectual bloggers is The Hill. “Right-wing bloggers see their chance,” reads the headline. The mag quotes lots of GOP Internet players who suggest it's all a question of tactics and approach and that once conservatives make the right tweaks, the Rightroots movement will take off.

We're not so sure. We're more inclined to believe that the biggest stumbling block for conservative bloggers to date has been their tendency to make stuff up. Like, all the time. Or as Glenn Greenwald once wrote:

They are wrong over and over and over -- and not just in error, but embarrassingly so, because so frequently their claims are transparently, laughably absurd, and they spew the most righteous accusations without any sort of evidence at all...They are exposed as frauds and gossip-mongerers on an almost weekly basis. The only thing that can compete with the consistency of their errors is the viciousness of their accusations and their pompous self-regard as "citizen journalists.

Once that's fixed, they might stand a chance.