The right-wing clowning over the bogus claim of 2 million protesters just never ends

It's the gift that keeps on giving.

The latest guffaws come courtesy of Gateway Pundit, which was last seen spreading the lie that 12,000 people showed up at a Quincy, Ill., tea party on Saturday. (The Quincy cops said the actual figure was 2,000.) Now, Gateway Pundit is still clinging to the thoroughly debunked 2 million mark for the D.C. protest and claiming conservative protesters left D.C. neat and tidy, as compared to the “filthy” 2 million liberals who stormed D.C. for Obama's inauguration and left the city a mess.

Gateway Pundit even has photos to prove it.

Of course the comedy comes from the fact that, according to official D.C. estimate, there were approximately 60,-70,000 anti-Obama protesters in town Saturday, compared to the approximate 2 million who actually did gather on Inauguration Day. Now, which crowd do you think would leave behind more litter, the one that's 70,000 strong, or the one that had 1,930,000 more people?

We'll let Gateway Pundit ponder that one for a while.