Right-wing blogger wonders if murdered census worker was a pedophile

What far-right bloggers lack in common decency them make up for in blinding ignorance. And FDL's right, this is just beyond belief, even for the morally-challenged GOP blogosphere.

The blogger is Dan Riehl and his twisted premise about the census worker who was recently tortured to death in Kentucky and was found with “fed” scrawled across his chest, is this:

Was Census Worker Bill Sparkman A Child Predator?

Classy the way Riehl puts the dead man's full name right in the headline next to “child predator,” right?

Keep in mind, Riehl quickly admits he doesn't have the slightest idea why the census worker was killed, and that the “child predator” thing is just, y'know, a hypothetical. He's simply “speculating” and "keeping an open mind." But he's gonna float it anyway. And then he's gonna open up his comment section to more right-wing crazies who are invited to invent conspiracy theories blaming the murdered census worker for his own death.

Question: Is anybody within the right-wing blogosphere going to denounce this kind of heartless idiocy from a high-profile hate merchant like Riehl?

UPDATED: Right-winger Roger Hedgecock, based on no facts, suggests the census worker was killed because of a “our still open border with Mexico.”