Post and Rocky again omitted GOP affiliation of indicted former Jeffco treasurer Paschall

The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News did not identify former Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall as an elected Republican official in two recent articles. Colorado Media Matters has noted the same omission in the Post's and News' previous reporting on Paschall, who has been indicted in an alleged kickback scheme.

A June 7 Denver Post article by staff writer Ann Schrader reported on controversial investments made by indicted former Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall but did not mention that Paschall had been an elected Republican official. Similarly, an article about Paschall's arraignment published June 1 on the Rocky Mountain News' website noted that Paschall was “a former state legislator who served one term as Jefferson County treasurer,” but it did not report that he was elected as a Republican for both of those positions.

As Colorado Media Matters has noted, the Post and the News have omitted Paschall's Republican affiliation in numerous reports about his indictment on charges that he allegedly solicited a $9,000 kickback from a subordinate, Kathy Redmond, for a $25,000 bonus he had awarded her.

From Ann Schrader's article, “Jeffco investments raise flags,” published in The Denver Post on June 7:

Golden -- In the waning days of 2006, Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall invested about $70 million in taxpayer dollars through an acquaintance.

The legality of four of the five investments -- collateral mortgage obligations, or CMOs -- has been questioned by county and state officials.

On Wednesday, Colorado Treasurer Cary Kennedy sent letters to county treasurers across the state asking that they review their portfolios to determine if they have CMOs that are in violation of a state law that became effective in August.

Faye Griffin, who succeeded Paschall as treasurer, said she learned of Paschall's purchases -- done without consulting the county's investment officer -- within days after taking office in January.


Paschall, who was indicted this year for theft in an alleged kickback scheme involving a former top aide, said Wednesday that he had no comment.

From the article “Paschall pleads not guilty to kickback charges” published online June 1 by the Rocky Mountain News:

Former Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Paschall pleaded not guilty today to charges in a kickback scheme involving public money.


His trial is set for Oct. 16.

A former state legislator who served one term as Jefferson County treasurer, Paschall is accused of asking Kathy Redmond for $9,000 of a $25,000 bonus he offered her as he was leaving office late last year.

Paschall could face up to three years in prison if convicted.