Pat Boone: Jennings, teachers unions want to erase “taboos against sexual aberrance ... possibly including pedophilia”

From Pat Boone's March 13 column, published by Newsmax and WorldNetDaily:

Time-honored guidelines, moral traditions, social taboos - all have just about evaporated, not even considered much anymore. Scandals and revelations and shattered images are so commonplace, in virtually every area of life, that we forget them almost as soon as they occur. Marriage itself, as a compact between a man and a woman, is under incessant attack, and over half of adult women in America aren't married now anyway!

The biggest teachers' unions are promoting the tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality, right down into grade school, where our kids shouldn't even be thinking about anything like that. Why? Because union officials who think like President Obama's “safe-school czar,” Kevin Jennings, are determined that all the old taboos against sexual aberrance must be erased, and that our children must grow up without any reservations about anything sexual -- possibly including pedophilia.


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