Media respond to Colorado Media Matters' election coverage

Since Colorado Media Matters launched in July, media reports regarding the November 7 election have been a significant source of falsehoods, dubious claims, and other misinformation. At the same time, media outlets and journalists across Colorado have addressed issues raised in our election coverage -- frequently by issuing corrections or follow-up reports. Colorado Media Matters has compiled some notable examples of how the media have responded when our research has pointed out reporting that was not accurate, credible, or reliable and that advanced a conservative agenda.

After re-airing Beauprez interview, Colorado Public Radio host Warner reports Beauprez's apology for claiming “70 percent” of African-American pregnancies end in abortion

Coloradoan finally reports on FEC's clearance of Paccione, after Colorado Media Matters items

Following Colorado Media Matters item, Chieftain corrected misinformation about Ritter's plea bargains with immigrants

Rocky publishes follow-up on Beauprez polling claims after Colorado Media Matters item

UPDATE: The Denver Post uncritically repeated Beauprez's statement on “sanctuary cities”

Rocky reported on Beauprez vote favoring “matricula consular” cards but omitted key information about his “controlling interest” in Heritage Bank

Rocky corrected its omission of comments from AP article on campaign finance rules

Following Colorado Media Matters item, Coloradoan reports on Paccione's Christian faith

Michelli apologizes through Colorado Media Matters for minimum wage remarks

Following Colorado Media Matters item, Gazette corrected 5th District debate falsehood

Rocky corrects erroneous story that Gordon called for Dennis's resignation, following Colorado Media Matters report

Newsum named Fox 31's Weaver “Disgrace of the Week” for parroting Limbaugh's Michael J. Fox accusations

Responding to Colorado Media Matters, Fox 31 says it's “working to address” the “issue of having a default option” in its online polls

Reporter Hanel responds to Colorado Media Matters