Hidden in plain sight

In my column on Friday, I touched on some of the Right's most absurd claims of media bias over the years.

Among the highlights: Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center complaining in February of 1998 that the media wasn't paying enough attention to the Monica Lewinsky story -- at a time when there were 500 news reports a day on the topic.

Now, in an apparent attempt to live down to the standard set by their fearless leader, the gang over at MRC's blog, Newsbusters, are blasting the San Francisco Chronicle for keeping an interview with Barack Obama "hidden from the public." According to Newsbusters, the video became public only through the heroic efforts of a right-wing blogger: “Hot Air's Ed Morrissey has found a video of that interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.”

How, you might wonder, did the Chronicle keep the video “hidden from the public” ? Did they lock the tape away in a vault deep beneth the Coit Tower, surrounded by armed guards, attack dogs, and a moat?

Ah ... no.

No, the Chronicle kept the video “hidden from the public” by posting it on their public web site. Nearly eight months ago. Where it has been viewable since.

Still: Newsbusters is convinced they've caught the Chronicle covering up the interview. Noel Sheppard predicts: “I'm sure we're going to hear more about this in the next few days. Stay tuned.”

I can't wait.