“Gunny” Bob on Gov. Corzine's car accident: “Democrats ... don't even drive well”

Commenting on the recent car accident that left New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine (D) critically injured, Newsradio 850 KOA host “Gunny” Bob Newman on his April 17 show “wonder[ed]” if Corzine was “going to get a ticket” for speeding, adding, “Those Democrats, see, they don't even drive well.”

As The New York Times reported on April 17:

CAMDEN, N.J. -- In the seconds before Gov. Jon S. Corzine was critically injured in an accident last Thursday, the Chevrolet Suburban he was riding in was traveling 91 miles per hour, 26 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit, according to a crash data recorder retrieved from the vehicle.


Mr. Corzine, who was not wearing a seat belt, was thrown from the front passenger seat to the back, breaking his thigh bone in two places, a dozen ribs, his breastbone and collarbone and a lower vertebra. He remains in critical condition and on a ventilator after three operations on his leg.

The Times further noted that the superintendent of the state police, Col. Joseph R. Fuentes, identified “the trooper driving the vehicle” as Robert J. Rasinski.

No reporting on the incident has identified Rasinski's political affiliation.

From the April 17 broadcast of Newsradio 850 KOA's The Gunny Bob Show:

NEWMAN: Everybody should wish New Jersey Governor Corzine well. He was in a terrible car wreck the other day -- in his official SUV. Speed limit was 65 miles an hour; they were going 91 when the vehicle wrecked. No, there was no emergency or anything like that. He was going to a meeting. Ninety-one [laughs] miles an hour in a 65 zone. I wonder if he's going to get a ticket for that. 303-713-8585. I'm “Gunny” Bob on 850 KOA. Those Democrats, see, they don't even drive well.