DeLay: To regain power, conservatives need “communications organizations that can... match Media Matters”

As first reported by TPM Media.

MATT COOPER (Talking Points Memo): Congressman, it's good to see you. What do conservatives need to do to get back in power?

FORMER HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER TOM DeLAY (R-TX): Well, first of all, we need leadership that understands that we've got to take this energy that President Obama is creating in the conservative movement and come together and build organizations that can drive a conservative message. We need a communications organizations [sic] that can, again, match Media Matters and Media Fund and the left-wing national media. We need coordination. Conservatives don't get it. We need to be working together and leverage not only our organizations but leverage our money. We need our donors to coordinate their giving and only give to projects that are effective. And we need to understand what the left is doing.

COOPER: Right.

DeLAY: People aren't even looking at what the left is doing. They've built the most powerful political coalition I've ever seen in my lifetime, and we're not anywhere near as good as they are. And we've got to rebuild our movement.

COOPER: And how's your work on CCM [Coalition for a Conservative Majority] going?

DeLAY: Well, we're struggling like everybody else, but if we can get our donors back again, we'll be out there just kicking butt and taking names.

COOPER: I hear you. All right, thanks.