Define “most liberal,” please ...

MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell seems to think only the very liberal favor investigations into Bush administration torture:

O'DONNELL: How much of this, do you think, is a way to sort of relieve some pressure from the left, and even from Capitol Hill, and the more liberal Democratic senators who say 'We want an investigation, we've got to be open to prosecuting these people.'? I mean, we heard both Senator Feingold today, very tough on this issue, as well as Senator Feinstein, saying 'Let's hold off,' saying, 'Don't rule out any prosecutions, I want to have my investigation first.'

But Diane Feinstein is not one of the “more liberal Democratic senators.” The Lewis-Poole rankings place her as the 31st most liberal member of the the 110th Senate.

Also: If MSNBC is going to suggest that only liberals are interested in investigating potential law-breaking, maybe it's time they start referring to liberalism as the “law and order” ideology, and conservatives as “soft on crime.”

UPDATE: Jason Linkins has much more at HuffPo: Chuck Todd Depicts Support For Torture Investigations As Fringe Phenomenon