Conservative Radio Host On Philadelphia Protest: “One Of Those Concealed Carry Moments For Me,” “Old Trusty Might Come Out”

Stigall: “What If You Just Put Your Car In Drive And Start Driving Forward? I’m Not So Sure I Wouldn’t”

From the April 14 edition of WPHT's Chris Stigall Show:

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CHRIS STIGALL: I got to tell you something: if I’m that driver, and I don’t know who it is in that car but there’s a car at Fourth and Market, and if you’re just joining us this morning and you don’t know what’s going on, long story short a bunch of malcontent nobodies decided to get together and block traffic at Fourth and Market, it doesn’t even really matter what it’s really about, that’s beyond the point.

There are now more able bodied officers of the law at Fourth and Market than there are protesters, yet there is one person standing in front of a car just trying to make a left turn on to Market to get on about her day, she can’t go anywhere. And she’s just sitting still as this protester’s standing in front of her car.

And you have all these officers of the law just standing around staring at it.

Question: how long before you just put your car in drive and start driving forward?

PAIGE POWERS: At least back up, try to move around.

STIGALL: What if you just put your car in drive and start driving forward? I’m not so sure I wouldn’t at this point.

POWERS: Because it’s been over a half hour.

STIGALL: This woman has been help cap -- there is a woman, we’re literally watching in my view a hostage situation in the middle of Fourth and Market. With officers of the law standing around. By the way, we did reach out to the Philadelphia Police Department, that asked that we submit an email request for comment. They’d like us to email our questions. None of them also interested in obviously discussing what’s going on with this there on site.

POWERS: Well Chris you know and I was just thinking, though this is just me personally, but do you think that there’s this level, of, I want to say fear, but I don’t know if that’s it but --


POWERS:  Of precaution just because of everything that has gone on with protests and cops --

STIGALL: Yep. Well this is one of those concealed carry moments for me folks. This is one of those moments where old trusty might come out. Look, I wasn’t being cryptic, and I wasn’t being over the top. Citizens of this country will not tolerate being held hostage in the middle of city streets going to go work because you’ve got a grievance with someone. They won’t tolerate it. And if officers of the law don’t do something about this they’re going to have something happen that will be much more regretful than this little episode, I’ll tell you that. I guarantee it. It’s just a matter of time. There’s going to come a day very soon --

POWERS: Maybe even at the end of July, Chris, when I believe there’s a convention taking place here.

STIGALL: There’s going to be a day very soon this won’t be dealt with kindly.


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