Conservative radio host Ed Martin hosts his “good friend,” white supremacist Rep. Steve King, to defend himself 

King: “I'm confident that what I have done has been true and right and just and honest”

From the January 15th edition of Salem Radio Network's The Ed Martin Movement:

ED MARTIN (HOST):  My old friend Steve King, Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s Fourth District is in the, well he’s in the eye of the storm right now and the only thing worse than being the focus of The New York Times and the mainstream media’s attack, is to have the Republican Party that’s supposed to be the conservative party join in and I’m glad to say I put out a letter late yesterday saying “wait a second, I know this guy, I’ve known him for years and years and years. Everybody needs to calm down.” But doesn’t seem like they can stop, I’m glad to have him on the show. Welcome back Steve, how are you?


REP. STEVE KING (GUEST): I'm pretty comfortable with this. I mean I am at peace in my soul with this. And I'm confident that what I have done has been true and right and just and honest. And a bunch of those folks over there, you know, I don't condemn anybody, especially not to eternity. But I'm really comfortable standing before God and answering to all of this. And if I were in anybody else's soul I would not be.


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