A “Close Up” on Today 's Republican-heavy guest list

During April, Republican or conservative guests interviewed on the “Close Up” segment of NBC's Today outnumbered Democratic or liberal guests six to two. While four right-leaning guests appeared by themselves, both of the Democrats -- former President Bill Clinton and his former press secretary Dee Dee Myers -- appeared alongside other guests. Clinton appeared with Dr. Paul Farmer to discuss the Clinton Foundation's pledge of $10 million to deliver antiretroviral treatment for HIV/AIDS to children, while Myers appeared opposite conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

The “Close Up” segment immediately follows the morning news coverage and often features interviews on political topics. For dates when no name appears, no one was interviewed during the segment.





April 29

NBC News Washington bureau chief Tim Russert

April 28

Weekly Standard editor William Kristol

April 27

White House communications director Nicole Devenish

April 26

Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers

MSNBC host Tucker Carlson

April 24

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough

Newsweek chief political correspondent Howard Fineman

April 23

San Jose Police Chief Robert Davis; Wendy's senior VP Denny Lynch

April 22

NBC News Washington bureau chief Tim Russert

April 21

NBC News Washington bureau chief Tim Russert

April 20

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

April 19

President George W. Bush

April 18

Rev. Thomas Williams

April 17

Rev. Thomas Reese

April 16

Tony Jackett, murder victim's former boyfriend

April 15

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

April 14

NBC News analysts Diane Dimond and Michael Cardoza

April 13

NBC News health analyst Dr. Sue Bailey

April 12

Former President Bill Clinton

Dr. Paul Farmer

April 11

CNBC anchor Ron Insana

April 10

Former press spokesperson for Prince Charles Colleen Harris

April 7

Cardinal Edward Egan

April 6

NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell

April 5

Cardinal Edmund Szoka