Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker compared taxation to theft at gunpoint at 2013 Senate campaign event

Whitaker: “That's the only way they collect taxes is the threat of a gun”

From an August 8, 2013 event for Whitaker's Senate campaign in Fort Dodge, Iowa:

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MATTHEW WHITAKER: We need fellow citizens to think about, what does Article 1, Section 8 mean? What is the role of a legislature? What is the role and scope of the federal government? I will tell you what I believe, and what I believe is that the government in Washington, D.C. cannot solve all of our problems. They just can't. They can't. Thank you. You know they can't. We all know it inherently, and our fellow citizens do, but we seem to always be willing to send our problems to Washington, D.C. and have 5,000 bureaucrats in the Department of Education tell me how my children should be educated. Instead of putting those resources, that they've already confiscated from us at the point of a gun -- right? That's the only way they collect taxes is the threat of a gun, and the threat of force. And then they just write regulations about how my kid should be educated, instead of their local school boards that are accountable to the parents or the teachers.


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