The hate, lies, and misinformation of Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham has a long history of spreading hate speech, from her prime-time Fox News show, former radio show, and, now, new podcast. Ingraham has made scores of racist and anti-immigrant statements, including echoing white supremacists. On numerous occasions, she has propagated the popular white nationalist “replacement theory,” wherein non-white citizens “replace” white citizens. More recently, Ingraham came under fire for defending white nationalist Paul Nehlen. In the past, advertisers have fled from her show after Ingraham mocked a Parkland school shooting survivor and when she attacked the concept of diversity, saying, “Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like.”

Melissa Joskow / Media Matters

Racism, race-baiting, and other race-based statements

  • Ingraham called Planned Parenthood “butchers” responsible for what her guest termed a “Black holocaust”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We are calling you on the hypocrisy of saying “Black Lives Matter,” when many in your leadership do not believe that, because they countenance what Planned Parenthood has done, in selling this lie of abortion to the African American community. Selling this, as some type of solution, when it's ended up slaughtering African Americans who could be leading great lives today.

    So, when people say “Black Lives Matter” -- you bet, you bet they matter. So, why allow these -- these butchers into your communities? Why let them do this to you? Of course, why -- white people -- why, any of these people? Big money. It's about big money in politics, and their PACs, their political action groups, all -- they rake in money.

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR) A lot of Black pastors will tell you they are incensed by this. There is an awakening in the Black community, particularly in the Black churches in the inner city, and they are outraged that other leaders in the past have not only been embraced by Planned Parenthood, but embraced them back, and actually supported their work in the community.

    And now they realize what -- what many of these Black pastors have told me, is a Black holocaust. They see this as a Black holocaust in their community, a Black genocide. [4/4/19]​

  • Ingraham claimed former Rep. Stacey Abrams (D-GA) called out racism against her because of her “entitlement mentality”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Stacey Abrams was on Morning Joe, and she's claiming now that people dismiss her for one reason.

    It's not about the issues, it's about “Look at me, this is me, my truth” -- it's that same thing with “my truth.” It's a -- well, a kind of -- it's a -- you know, it's an attempt at coming across as confident, but underneath that is an insecurity, in my view.

    That's entitlement. That's an entitlement mentality.

    “I'm a -- I'm a Black woman with a sturdy build” -- I literally don't think anyone I know even cares about that, at all. [4/4/19]

  • Ingraham told Democrats to concentrate on white voters

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Wages for most Americans are going up now, not because of government mandates, but because of Trump's policies. What are they? Lower taxes, less regulation, pressure on China trade cheating, and a tighter labor market for all working people. So, the Democrats' answer is higher taxes, more regulations, more low-wage laborers flooding into America.

    That's exactly the opposite of what most working-class voters want. Oh, oh, for those liberals who put all their hopes in being saved by changing demography, well, here's a news flash: This is the percentage of white non-college graduate voters in a handful of key states.

    In Iowa, they make up 62% of the population. In Michigan, 54% of the population, Ohio, 55%, Pennsylvania, 51%, and Wisconsin, 58%.

    Trump does really well with that group, obviously.


    Today's radicalized Democrat Party has moved further away from the voters they need to win in 2020. They still have no clue. It's unbelievable, really -- how to speak to the working-class white voters, let alone how to get their votes. They look down their elitist noses at all working people of all backgrounds. And their values? Come on. [4/8/19]

  • Ingraham asked if the cast of Hamilton is guilty of cultural appropriation for playing white people

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Is that not that culturally appropriating the other race? Like if it’s, if it’s just about cultural appropriation, does it only go one way? That's interesting. I didn't think about that Hamilton thing until just now. I love Hamilton. See, I think it's fine, I think it's all cool. [2/7/19]

  • Ingraham: “Because you're a minority, you get special standards, special treatment”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): This is what was referenced as minority privilege last week by yours truly. What do I mean by that? That because you're a minority, you get special standards, special treatment in the eyes of some. And it's not fair to other people. [1/23/19]

  • Ingraham said America is plagued by “white-aphobia”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, back to the collectivism mindset. But she forgot Christophobia and I guess white-aphobia -- we're running out of phobias and isms here, Dr. Steele. I'll let you take a swing at that one. So you can't talk about identity politics -- another way for them to shut conservatives up.

    SHELBY STEELE (AUTHOR): They're on the defensive because identity politics are inherently racist. They divide us up by color, by ethnicity, by gender and so we're automatically set at odds. I mean, identity politics is every bit as divisive as segregation was, as racism of old was. [2/28/19]

  • Ingraham mocked and imitated Rep. Ilhan Omar's (D-MN) accent, claiming she “doesn't sound like Minnesota”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): By the way, the freshwomen -- can we call it that? Or, we can't call it anything -- freshpeople --

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR): Freshpeople --

    INGRAHAM: The Freshpeople caucus -- the freshman caucus includes Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Democrat from Minnesota, also trying to outdo -- I think all of them are trying to outdo one another to be the radical it-girl of the moment.


    She sounds like Rizzo on Grease, she doesn't sound like Minnesota, that accent -- [IMPERSONATING] “I demand that you open the wall” -- it doesn't -- he wants to open the government. [1/18/19]

  • Ingraham said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) used “minority privilege” to criticize Fox News hosts

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): So, when you can't debate a point, you throw back “white privilege, you can't understand,” and then there's nowhere for that person to go. You shut down debate.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is trying that little trick on Tucker Carlson and me.

    She's out there saying it's amazing that people like this, I'm paraphrasing, in Twitter, people like this can even make a living, these racists at Fox.

    Oh, really? You don't know me. Don't judge me. My authentic self has a right to speak, and exist, and make a living, just like your, quote, “authentic self,” whatever that is, progressive, Marxist, socialist, whatever you want to call it.

    But, you see, they're so eager to take away the rights of other people, as they claim to be the most tolerant people on the face of the planet.

    “White privilege” -- how about the privilege of being a protected member of a class that you can never criticize, lest you be called racist? That's privilege. I think Victor Davis Hanson called it “minority privilege” in his piece that he just wrote, that the people who are the most protected are the people who are the first to say “white privilege,” because then, you can't ever criticize them again. [1/17/19]

  • Ingraham: Is “Black-on-Black crime ... a bigger problem for the community than just the racism that you claim is in the criminal justice system?”

    BRIAN WATKINS (ATTORNEY): It's what Elizabeth Warren was saying, is there's racism in the criminal justice system, and step one is recognizing that fact, that there is in fact racism in the criminal justice system.

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Is Black-on-Black crime -- yeah, but is Black-on-Black crime, for instance, right now, in Chicago a bigger problem for the community than just the racism that you claim is in the criminal justice system? [8/8/18]

  • Ingraham: Affirmative action is “shafting people who are not of the appropriate color, or background, or ethnicity”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I love the fact that the Justice Department, by the way, is going to be investigating what affirmative action has done to universities. In other words, shafting people who are not of the appropriate color, or background, or ethnicity, and I love that. Good for Sessions. I'd hit all these liberal -- the Holy Grail of liberalism is abortion, and drugs, and affirmative action, and the culture wars they're trying to push on our kids, all these new views of gender. I'd smash back on all of that. [8/2/17]

  • Ingraham responded to backlash following her attacks on basketball star LeBron James by saying liberals were playing the race card

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The left and the media attack dogs can dish it out, can’t they, but they sure can’t take it. Last night we played clips of NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant and an ESPN co-host named Cari Champion trashing Trump

    I called those remarks barely intelligible, not to mention ungrammatical.

    When I call them out for their insipid commentary, they immediately throw down the race card. [2/16/18]

  • Ingraham attacked Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Cari Champion for talking about Trump's racism: “Must they run their mouths like that?”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): All right, we're gonna create a new banner: “This is a jumb dock alert.” NBA superstar Lebron James is talking politics again and this time it's R-rated. Here's his barely intelligible -- not to mention ungrammatical -- take on President Trump in a new ESPN podcast.

    I'm numb to this commentary, “like.” Must they run their mouths like that? Unfortunately, a lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously. Look, there might be a cautionary lesson in Lebron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. Oh, and Lebron and Kevin, you're great players, but no one voted for you. Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, shut up and dribble. [2/16/18]

  • Ingraham agreed that Tyler Perry’s “Madea doing political commentary” would’ve been better than Maxine Waters’ State of the Union response

    RAYMOND ARROYO (GUEST): If you're going to impeach the president, you have to have grounds for impeachment.

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): No, no, no --

    ARROYO: “I don't like him, he's mean, he's angry” -- and the other thing, this is Black Entertainment Television.

    INGRAHAM: Waters is not entertaining at all. Well, it is actually sort of entertaining.

    ARROYO: Mildly, but I would've preferred Madea doing political commentary, because --

    INGRAHAM: Oh my god, Madea, that's a great idea --

    ARROYO: At least Tyler Perry would draw a crowd and actually has an audience, and he would be funny. [12/1/18]

  • Ingraham: Minority voters picked Obama “because he was ... half-black”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Where is that written that on any tablet anywhere that minorities have to vote Democrat? Maybe if you shake it up on the campaign trail and you expose what the Democrats have done in -- don't walk around like you're just all you want to do is pander. Pander, pander, pander. That's all you can do to the minority communities is pander to them. How about talking truth? You know the old truth to power? How about talking the truth to the minority community about what's happened? Obama certainly didn't do that, right? But he had a, he had a type of appeal that transcended a lot of issues. And it was true that, as so many have come on the show and said, there are a lot of minorities who just voted for him because he was, you know, half-Black, and that was a historical milestone. And they stuck with that. But there wasn't really much of an alternative, I think, given to the people to choose from in the last election cycle. Now you have a real alternative from Hillary. There's a real alternative, perhaps, and it's either going to be Trump or Cruz. [4/26/16]

  • Ingraham: “The NAACP has become a push organization for racist sentiments in many ways”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Last week the NAACP was working on its resolution, right, to condemn racist elements in the tea party movement. … A lot of Tea Party party have come out, they were so enraged by the flawed characterizations and maligning that's been going on on the part of NAACP -- now this emerges and pretty much confirming what many of us thought about people who have burrowed their way into the Obama administration with radical outlooks, a radical agenda, and, in this case, a racist sentiment. [7/20/10]

Nativist and anti-immigrant statements

  • Ingraham and a guest lashed out at people for speaking Spanish and claimed immigrants leave trash everywhere because they not assimilated

    VICTOR DAVIS HANSON (CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR): When I go out -- I'm told that illegal immigrants do not throw trash, they would never do that, and I pick up mounds of trash out in front of my farm. I have the addresses of the people, they put their power bills in, I know exactly where they live, the sheriff doesn't do anything. I have six dogs right now that were dumped on my property, so that's not -- it's not a big thing, but that's what happens when you have large numbers of unassimilated immigrants who came in illegally in large numbers, that are not diverse.

    It would really work if we had people coming from Korea or Africa or Europe, all coming legally, all in measured numbers, all mixed up, and they would assimilate. But that's not what's happening. We're getting huge groups of one language, one culture --

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): One village --

    HANSON: -- coming across the border illegally. The first thing they do is break the law, the second thing they do is reside illegally and break the law, so -- and they know it, and so, their attitude is, “If I break the law in coming, and I break another law in residing, why do I have to follow any other law?” And they -- they feel that sense of exemption.


    I'm not a very emotional guy, but when I go in town, and I go to my cleaner, and everybody's speaking Spanish --

    INGRAHAM: Oh my gosh --

    HANSON: And the cars in the parking lot all have Mexican flags on --

    INGRAHAM: Oh, yeah.

    HANSON: And people walk out of the cleaners, and they throw their McDonald's sack right in the gutter, it gets me really angry.

    INGRAHAM: Oh no, I get enraged. [5/21/19]

  • Ingraham: Tax cuts mean nothing if we “lose the country because of this huge demographic shift”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The fact that the Republicans did not do this when they had both houses of Congress, though, that makes me even angrier, I think, than what the Democrats are doing. … But [the] tax cut's value is going to be bled away if we lose the country because of this huge demographic shift and bleed the country with all of these expenses we have now. So it's a massive problem. [5/13/19]

  • Ingraham said immigrant schoolchildren have led to a “diminished product” in U.S. schools

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The left, by the way, has told us that we aren't allowed to talk about the need for immigrants to assimilate into the American culture. That, too, is racist. Well, that's especially true, as it relates to the public school system.

    The question is, why is assimilation, even in the school system, now controversial? Well, the reason is simple, but grossly punitive. They wish to inoculate the entire public school system in the United States, and thus, the powerful teachers unions, from criticism -- even if it means a diminished product for the kids. [2/12/19]

  • Ingraham on undocumented immigrants: “This is an invasion of the country. ... They want to tell you you can't say that anymore. They are invading the country”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Tens of thousands of people released into the country on a weekly basis. Really, on a weekly basis, because we don't have the space for them in detention and we just release them. I mean, what is this?

    This is an invasion of the country. They want to -- they want to tell you you can't say that anymore. They are invading the country, but it's not even -- invading now isn't even accurate, because we're just letting them come in. It's not an -- is it really an invasion, when we're just basically saying “Come on in”? [3/28/19]

  • Ingraham said immigration is pushing “Western civilization” toward “tipping over a cliff”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Is Western civilization, as we understood it, actually hanging in the balance? I think you could actually make a very strong argument that it is tipping over the cliff. [3/28/19]

  • Ingraham: “The Democrats want to replace many of you” with immigrants

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): This is where we are. The Democrats want to replace many of you with new voters -- who eventually they will give amnesty to -- to new voters who have no real affinity for the American founding. When you come illegally to a country, you immediately disrespect the laws of the country. And that cannot stand. [3/7/19]

  • Ingraham warned that undocumented immigrants are coming to “replace kind of the old America with a new America”

    LAURA INGRAHAM: The American people are just going to have to organize and protest what's happening at the border in Washington until something's done. The effort here is to replace kind of the old America with a new America who's not coming into the country legally. And the Democrats know that will tip the balance for them in every state where it's even close and that will just be an electoral lock forever. [3/7/19]

  • Ingraham agreed with a guest that “Operation Wetback” should be re-created to deport immigrants

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): There was no debate about Operation Gatekeeper. It was just a bipartisan thing. Of course you got to enforce the border. That's how crazy things are today.

    PAT BUCHANAN (CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR): I think -- I believe, and I may be mistaken, but I believe that there was a time when Walter Mondale and Cesar Chavez went down to look at the border and said we got to stop folks from coming in and taking the jobs of our farmworkers here. And when Ike [President Dwight Eisenhower] did it back in 1952/53, it was called “Operation Wetback,” but he sent those folks back and they were not wildly controversial. Everybody felt, look it's our home and we got an immigration policy, and these folks are breaking the laws and breaking in and we are going to send them back.

    INGRAHAM: Eisenhower deported 80,000 people.

    BUCHANAN: Yeah, Ike eventually got a million -- a million went home, and they were sending them back on buses and ships and everywhere back there to Mexico. [2/6/19]

  • Ingraham attacked undocumented immigrants for not showing “any sense of gratitude”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Look, there's not any sense of gratitude that I hear from individuals who are here illegally. There's not a -- like, where's the gratitude? I mean, you don't get away with this in other countries, where you just say, “We'll just stay indefinitely and get all these benefits.” You're not -- that just doesn't happen, for the most part.  [1/29/19]

  • Ingraham warned that “demographic changes” are “coming to your state”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Just like we exposed what's going on in California, coming to a state near you if these demographic changes keep flipping states from Republican to Democrat. [1/17/19]

  • Ingraham claimed Democrats oppose a border wall because they can use undocumented immigrants to win elections

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): It's political. It's 2020. They think they can flip states with a massive immigration surge -- illegal, legal -- into the United States. They've done it with California, in part, and they think they are going to do it with other states. [1/10/19]

  • Ingraham said Democrats oppose a border wall because they want to change “the demographic makeup of the country”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): To get to the point, [Victor Davis Hanson,] it's about changing the demographic makeup of the country, which they hope will change the electoral makeup of the country, period. It's that cynical.

    VICTOR DAVIS HANSON (CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR): Yeah, no, it's two things: political power and money. [12/12/18]

  • Ingraham called migrant caravan “a health issue” and speculated that migrants might be carrying diseases

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): This is a national security issue, an economic issue, costs taxpayers billions of dollars to take all of these people in, public schools, health care, all of it we know.It's a health issue too, because we don't know what people have coming in here. We have diseases in this country we haven't had for decades. [10/23/18]

  • Ingraham warned that electing Democrats would mean a flow of “4 million-plus” migrants crossing the border

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Don't buy for a moment what the left is selling you. Democrats are the ones using this and stoking false fear among the Latinos to try to flip Congress. Again:No ideas, just more emotional manipulation.


    Now, the Democrats taking the House will ensure that this caravan of 4,000 eventually becomes a flow of 4 million, 4 million plus, before we know it. This cannot happen. [10/18/18]

  • Ingraham said viewers should vote Republican or they will be replaced by immigrants

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Of this, my friends, you can be sure: our views on immigration will have zero impact and zero influence on a House dominated by Democrats who want to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever-increasing number of chain migrants. [10/16/18]

  • Ingraham complained that “massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Nevertheless, [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] iskind of right in a general sense, because in some parts of the country it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn't exist anymore.

    Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like. From Virginia to California, we see stark examples of how radically, in some ways, the country has changed.Now, much of this is related to both illegal, and in some cases legal, immigration that, of course, progressives love. [8/8/18]

  • Ingraham said immigrant children not yet reunited with families are being protected by Trump from their drug-abusing, child-trafficking parents

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Out of the roughly 2,500 children who were separated from their family units at the U.S.-Mexico border, more than 1,800 have already been reunited with their parents.And of the 700 children or so who still [have] not been reunited, 431 have parents now outside the United States. Those parents were either deported, or voluntarily abandoned their children, a fact that is conveniently omitted from the Dem-tifa crowd.

    Democrats wailing over the plight of the remaining children are completely ignoring the facts.Due to domestic or drug abuse, many of these parents are now deemed unfit to care for their children or dangerous for their children. So, news flash,the U.S. government is protecting the border kids today. Or do the Democrats want them to be reunited with parents who could traffic them or who are criminals themselves? Is that what they want? [8/1/18]

  • Ingraham on family separations at the border: “There's only so much of the love” our country has to “spread around”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Most people believe that if you come into the country illegally, it's sad when your family gets separated -- no one wants to see that -- but it's your responsibility. You made a decision to cross the border. You didn't go through a normal port of entry, and now you are complaining that America doesn't have a heart, which is what one woman did today, was reunited with her daughter.

    So that's nice that she's reunited, but she made that decision. So I understand the heart argument, I get the compassion argument, but Americans have been struggling for, like, three decades, and haven't seen a raise.So there's only so much of the love you can spread around, when your own family, an American citizen, or an American veteran on a street is having trouble. [7/2/18]

  • Ingraham argued that terrorism is “the price ... to pay for multiculturalism”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): But the thing that's really sad about it, guys, is that innocent Brits and people traveling to London and all over the western Europe, now the price they have to pay for multiculturalism is the risk that you're walking on the sidewalk and a man will -- or a woman -- will purposefully mow you down. And then while you're maybe finishing your cappuccino in a cafe, or having a drink, someone will put a knife to your throat and slit it with the attempt, perhaps, to behead you. That's what we all have to live with for the free and open society that [London Mayor] Sadiq Khan and all these other multiculturalists want Britain to become. [6/6/17]

  • Ingraham called “toxic” Univision and Telemundo networks “Hispanic-centric outlets” that “revile the American experience”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Mass migration, especially Latino migration -- illegal,legal --has transformed previously solid Republican stronghold counties into Democrat-leaning counties or solidly Democrat counties.


    And sadly, our public schools don't assimilate people into the country as -- they used to have actually a role in instilling civic pride and patriotism. That's out the window. And you add to that the toxic effect of Univision and Telemundo, which are overwhelmingly left-leaning media outlets. These are not media outlets that encourage objectivity in reporting or even a positive worldview toward the American experience. No, no, no, no, no. These are Hispanic-centric networks that I think in many ways, and we've talked about this before, revile the American experience, and I think even encourage the understanding that we're living on stolen land. So the idea that, like, Univision and Telemundo are going to be great agents of assimilation into the way the framers understood our balance of powers and checks and balances in Washington, forget about it. You're not going to learn about Adam Smith on Univision. This is a left-wing outlet, and it's going to propagate left-wing views. [11/4/16]

  • Ingraham called child detention centers “essentially summer camps”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): So, since more illegal immigrants are rushing the border, more kids are being separated from their parents, and temporarily housed in what are essentially summer camps or, as the San Diego Union-Tribune described them today, as looking like basically boarding schools.

    Having lost the argument, and frankly, the last election, liberals have seized on the separated children and turned the entire image into a political weapon, attempting to emotionally manipulate the public perception of immigration enforcement. [6/18/18]

  • Ingraham dismissed asylum claims from Hondurans fleeing violence, saying, “It's not our problem”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I spent a lot of time in Africa and there's a lot of people there who -- their villages are being burned with flamethrowers by Islamic groups, their mothers and sisters have been stolen and kidnapped. They do live in actually fear. It's not just economic, but fear for their existence.

    ELISA MASSIMINO (PRESIDENT, HUMAN RIGHTS FIRST): So, let me just tell you about that --


    INGRAHAM: My point is--

    MASSIMINO: Honduras, let’s just say to the point that you just raised, Honduras--

    INGRAHAM: I’ve spent a lot of time there, I know Honduras very well.

    MASSIMINO: It’s one of the top five most dangerous countries--

    INGRAHAM: It’s not our problem.

    MASSIMINO: --in the world.

    INGRAHAM: It’s not our problem. [4/27/18]

  • Ingraham said Mexicans “have come here to murder and rape our people”

    CALLER: And the thing about the Mexicans and murderers and rapists, everybody knows--

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, they have come here. They have. Yeah, they have come here to murder and rape our people. We know that. That doesn't mean everybody has, doesn't mean everyone who comes across the border is a nasty, horrible person, but they have violated our laws. [3/4/16]

  • Ingraham Used Taco Bell ad to mock immigrant children in detention

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I bet there are a lot of American kids who would like free food before they go to bed at night.

    [Audio clip from a Taco Bell advertising campaign from the 1990s, in which a chihuahua says repeatedly, “Yo quiero Taco Bell.”] [6/10/14]

    Transphobia and homophobia

  • Ingraham claimed that “the Hollywood deal” is why “transgenderism” is no longer “called a mental condition”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Just five or six years ago, you know, a lot of these psychiatric associations and so forth had a different view of transgenderism. Remember, it -- wasn't it a diagnostic manual?

    MICHELLE MALKIN (CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER): Right, it was in the DSM, correct.

    INGRAHAM: Yeah, and it was called a mental condition of some type, right? Some type of gender dysphoria, and then just a few years later, no, we're not saying that anymore. I mean, so, it's -- again, it's the Hollywood -- it's the Hollywood deal. [1/18/19]

  • Ingraham cheered Trump’s transgender military ban, saying,“Social engineering in the military, we don't need to do that anymore”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Social engineering in the military, we don't need to do that anymore either. Look, we have a fighting force. We need to maintain a fighting force.

    And as soon as they allowed transgenders to go into the military -- it was January 1st, the policy went in effect -- as of February 23rd, one person, one transgendered person, had signed up for service. I know, God bless the person who did that, but that's the total so far. [3/23/18]

  • Ingraham compared baking cakes for same-sex couples to baking cakes for white supremacists

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Ian, does a -- for instance, a gay baker have to make a cake for a white supremacist organization? They have a right as a white supremacist organization to exist, to gather together, to have meetings, they just don't have a right to be violent.


    INGRAHAM: Would that be fair? To have a gay baker be forced to make a cake for that?

    MILLHISER: Yeah, there's no law that says that white supremacists are what’s called a protected class. [12/4/17]

  • Ingraham suggested people would wear diapers rather than share bathrooms with transgender people

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh we have a new transgender update for you as well. Oh no, new transgender news for all of you who are bathroom-goers and public -- you use public restrooms? I think a lot of people are going to be walking around with just Depends on from now on. They're just not going to use the bathroom. Adult diapers, diapers for everybody. No one's going to be going to the bathroom. You have little kids, there's going to be no bathrooms. We're just going to all wear Depends. Everyone will just be happy. Then you'll be in your own bathroom. Everyone's bathroom is just their own clothes, OK? So this is what we're going to go to. [6/29/16]

  • Ingraham said she wouldn’t let her daughter use transgender-inclusive restrooms by herself

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh, by the way, I just want to say I have a great sense of relief today. So some people are in the resignation stage of their Trump grief. I'm in the relief stage, I'm just relieved. Now why am I relieved? Because Target is now going to allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. Target has made a decision, and they did the big icon where they changed the red Target mark to a rainbow, or half rainbow and half other. So I'm just personally, I'm very relieved by that. Because now I'm relieved that I have to now walk into bathrooms with my 11-year-old daughter, soon to be 11 years old. Now I can just say I'll wait outside, but now apparently I'm going to have to walk in with her to every public restroom. Because, you know, there's a subjective test for how you identify as something. Does it require a dress? Does it require a mindset? Does it require an amount of time that you identify as something other than your biological gender? I mean, no one's really gamed out how this is going to work as a practical matter, everybody's just feeling good about themselves because we've made so much progress in LGBTQRST rights. [4/21/16]

  • Ingraham likened same-sex marriage rights to state-validated incest, polygamy [4/29/15]

    Religious bigotry

  • Ingraham aired a deceptively edited clip of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to accuse her of hating religion

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Did you know that we were talking about faith and that -- just the fact that we were talking about faith upsets a certain congresswoman. Watch.


    REP. ILHAN OMAR (D-MN): I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith and pushing that onto other people. Those that talk about their faith and want to push policies because of their faith are the ones that simply are caught with the hypocrisy of not living it out in their personal lives.

    [END CLIP]

    INGRAHAM: So I guess we are offending her by speaking about faith.

    RALPH REED (CHAIRMAN, FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION): Wow. Wow. So the people who poured out of African-American churches in the ‘50s and ‘60s and marched on Washington and sat at church counters because of their faith, because they believe that God's law and natural law required that they be treated the same as whites.

    INGRAHAM: Well America wouldn't have been founded if we didn’t have people of faith who prayed for strength and resolve in every battle, at the end of every war, to bring the country together. I mean, this is -- but this is a fundamental misunderstanding, purposeful or not, of what we are and who we are as a people.

    REED: Of American character. I mean, there are few things, Laura, that are more distinctly and characteristically American than bringing your faith into the public square and using it to impact the culture for the common good.

    INGRAHAM: Yeah, and inform who we are. I mean, what’s supposed to inform who we are? You know, Hollywood? Ralph, great conversation, I’m sure it offended all the right people. [5/24/19]

  • Ingraham mocked Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's Christian faith after his Fox News town hall

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): It's hard to patronize and condescend your way to winning the nomination.


    Forget Mayor Pete, maybe we should call him Pope Pete, because don't you love how he, you know, because he attends church we're supposed to treat him as the be-all-and-end-all moral authority or the arbiter of who is and who is not operating in good faith. [5/20/19]

  • Reacting to New Zealand shooting, Ingraham criticized those pointing out the conservative influence on the shooter and brought up “radical Muslims”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I was remembering back, because we're coming up to Palm Sunday in a few weeks, and it was in April, April 9, 2017, where 45 Coptic Christians were attacked, a bomb in St. Mark's Cathedral, which is the main Coptic church in Egypt, it was horrific, women, children, exploded.

    You know, Catholic priests have been murdered during Mass in Iraq, Christians have been killed and brutalized across the globe, and mostly, of course, by Islamists, radical Muslims who take it upon themselves to kill any infidel, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jews or whoever.

    But it was a horrific act. It didn't result in a day-long period of soul-searching and recriminations on U.S. soil and, of course, we've had those types of attacks against Christians in the Middle East for two decades now, plus -- but it's -- it doesn't -- you don't have the lower third blaming a political party or a political figure for it. That's the difference. [3/15/19]

  • Ingraham to White House chief of staff John Kelly: Why is Trump bringing in so many “Islamic” refugees?

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): At one point you were reported to say that on the refugee question, you'd like between zero and one refugees coming into the country. Now, the president said 45,000 refugees. Traditionally it's been about 20,000 a year.

    Overwhelmingly from the Middle East, they're Islamic, very few Christians still coming in. What's happening there and why that number is so large given what you advocated and what the -- President Trump campaigned on?

    JOHN KELLY (WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF): I don't ever remember – I read that, actually my wife told me –

    INGRAHAM: Oh your wife did? She’s always right, by the way.

    KELLY: Yeah, I don’t ever remember saying between zero and one. My time at DHS was definitely -- we should not take refugees into the country unless we know who they are and consequently we have improved the vetting process.

    The vetting process to date, although it's lengthy, two years, the vast majority of it is a two-year wait to come into the country. The point is that we are down from 110, 45,000. One of the things that always does astound me about the refugee question is there is about 65 million people who are, I think by U.N. numbers, a large number anyways, that are technically refugees.

    And only a tiny fraction of that can be brought to the United States or to Western Europe or Australia. It just seems to me, and most people I think that are – if they think about the refugee issue it's theoretically a temporarily problem. Best thing to do is to house them as close to their countries as possible and to help solve the problems inside the country, like we have, say, in Syria.

    INGRAHAM: So you are satisfied with the 45,000? That's a good number?

    KELLY: Yeah, that's a good number. But I don't know where this zero to one came from. [10/30/17]

  • Ingraham asked why “the Muslims” are “never supporting the conservatives on” anti-LGBTQ initiatives

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Join the military to get the [gender reassignment] operation for free? Probably get some one of these groups to sponsor you and get it for free. I mean -- I mean, maybe. I guess people do a lot of things to get stuff for free. I just don't believe it's 6,630 people. I mean, 10 years ago, wasn't it on the -- in the diagnostic manual as a mental disorder? Ten years ago? Ten -- check the -- check the year. I think it was 10 years ago it was a mental disorder. Now it's streamlined all through, it's just everything's the same, nothing's, nothing's -- your relation no better than this one. OK, I guess, so just everything's the same. I mean, how is that all working out for us? No difference, everything's the same.

    And, by the way, your religious beliefs don't count for anything. Like, if you're a chaplain or if you're a -- oh sorry, imam in the military. Where are the Muslims? I always say, where are the Muslims on these issues? Why are they never supporting the conservatives on this? I don't want to say “conservative,” “traditionalists.” Do you notice that? The Muslim -- we always hear about the Muslim soldiers. Where the heck are the Muslim soldiers? They just never say anything.

    Line four, Mike, go ahead. Where are the Muslims? Why don't they ever speak out on these issues? Never. Cat got their tongue? [7/26/17]

  • Ingraham: “I don't think of Jewish people as minorities because they're so successful”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, now they're saying, “How dare you, [Sen.] Bernie [Sanders]. How dare you stay in this race.” Now, what if Bernie were a minority? Well he is kind of -- he's a socialist, so. But what if Bernie were a minority? What if he were a 74-year-old Black man who was arguing for these? Would you think they'd be telling him to get out of the race? I don't think so. But they can -- I think this is ageism. Don't you think this is ageism against Bernie? Although Hillary's not any spring chicken herself, so. But I think, maybe he should just start raising that as an issue. But they say he wants to have some input on the platform, so that might be also what's going on with Bernie Sanders.


    Oh, OK, you're reminding me. Bernie is a minority. He's Jewish. OK. See I don't think of Jewish people as minorities because they're so successful and so. But, yeah, that's technically correct so I appreciate that correction on our Twitter feed. [5/18/16]

  • Ingraham: The U.S. should accept only those refugees “we can verifiably say are Christians”; Muslims should “stay in the Middle East”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Meanwhile, the French president is about to amend the constitution, stripping citizenship of the would-be jihadists, those French citizens who have sworn allegiance to ISIS. Well I should hope we're -- doesn't this all seem obvious to you? Of course we should be stripping citizenship. Why do they retain French passports, which are now EU passports? We shouldn't allow any of these people in our country to have U.S. passports. They should have their citizenship revoked.


    INGRAHAM: Apparently we can't close our doors to anybody. Just can't do it. So we're supposed to compromise our security and go further into debt to help people in other countries, many of whom dislike us intensely, and that's putting it nicely. Think we're an evil, horrible country and more often than not they celebrate attacks against us. So we're supposed to lower our standard of living here in the United States, for what, exactly? You explain that to me. For a purely humanitarian reason? Well if that's the case we should have brought in the Christians before they were being slaughtered in the Middle East. And the ones that we can bring in, I think Jeb Bush is right on that. The Christians who we can verifiably say are Christians, who are in the threat of being slaughtered, I'm happy to bring in some of them. I think most people would. But all these other people, they've got to stay in the Middle East. We cannot be the warehouse of all these, you know, Muslim people coming from these far-flung lands where -- we're just not going to be able to control who becomes radicalized, who doesn't because of technology, it's impossible. [11/16/15]

    Calls for violence or defense of calls for violence

  • Ingraham brushed off Trump’s threat to use the military, police, and bikers on his opponents as “talking, obviously, kind of like a New Yorker”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, it wasn't quite right, was it, Chris? Well, here's actually what Trump said. He said, “I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump. I have the tough people, but they don't play it tough until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very, very bad.”

    Jeff, why did the media try so hard to ascribe the most violent intention to the president, who is talking, obviously, kind of like a New Yorker there? What's going on? [3/15/19]

  • Ingraham suggested the U.S. should shoot deported immigrants attempting to re-enter the country

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): By the way, the jails are what, 27% illegal immigrants? Why don't we ship them back home and say you come again, and you'll be shot crossing the border? [12/7/15]


  • Ingraham: “Powerful globalists including a George Soros-affiliated group” are funding efforts to abolish the Electoral College

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): That could be the definition of, I don't know, today's deep state -- cabal, intrigue and corruption, just tripped off my tongue. Well now, largely funded by powerful globalists including a George Soros-affiliated group, dispensing with the Electoral College has become a priority to most of the 2020 Democrats. [5/30/19]

  • Ingraham mocked rapper Nipsey Hussle after his death. [4/12/19]

  • Ingraham suggested Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) is “demonic” for saying “anyone who is offered a cabinet opportunity” in the Trump administration should wonder “whether their reputation will survive”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): By any means necessary, take them out. It's by any means necessary, I mean, that's what the left is.

    And so, it's almost like the Weather Underground and the Black Panther -- all of that. I mean, they're not blowing buildings up or anything, but they're blowing people up -- their careers up -- trying to. And they, I mean -- Raymond and I have talked about this, if Trump pulls out reelection in 2020, what are they going to do then?

    I mean, I think Trump has a pretty good shot.


    They are trying to make it so unpleasant for people to move here, to work here, to participate in this administration, that Donald Trump basically can't find anyone. This is -- I have to say, this is sheer evil. This is evil; it's demonic.

    Chris Coons has -- what happened to him? He never used to be this far left, either. They've all moved toward antifa, this is antifa-like rhetoric. Really, this is what antifa does with physical threats, but they are doing it with verbal threats.

    What Chris Coons did there is implicitly threaten individuals who want to come serve this country as civil servants. [4/10/19]

  • Ingraham said Martin Luther King Jr. would disagree with Democrats protesting Trump

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I was thinking, like, if he were alive today I wonder what he’d think about such dismissive comments. And about a Democrat Party that believes it can regain power by living in a constant state of protest, or racial hatred, and denial. [4/4/19]

  • Ingraham blamed “globalists” for the rise of nationalism

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): To the left, it is Donald Trump who is dividing the country. It's a very simple measure for them. It is he who is responsible for the toxic atmosphere, it's his tweets, it's his calling them “s-hole” countries, it's Charlottesville, and it's all because of Trump.

    CHRISTOPHER METZLER (COMMENTATOR): Yeah, well, actually, it's all about the left. And particularly, if you look at somebody like Maxine Waters, for example, who is divider-in-chief -- if you look at a number of the things that she says, if you look at all this conversation around why people of color should not vote for Trump because he's a racist -- it is the left and their failed policies that are responsible for the division.

    The Obama administration was probably one of the most divisive administrations in history, and now you're telling me this is all Trump's fault? Please.

    INGRAHAM: Well, it's like when they will write about Viktor Orbán in Hungary, or [Matteo] Salvini in Italy, like, “Oh, these nationalist populists, they're destroying Europe” -- and they think that these people just popped out of nowhere.

    If incomes had been rising, and the middle class felt secure, and the borders weren't open, and their culture was intact, then people wouldn't be clamoring for a different way.

    But they clamored for a new way and a more nation-centered focus because they felt like they were losing their nations at the hands of the globalists.

    That's -- the globalists divided these countries up, and yet they blame the -- they blame the person who comes in to try to fix it. [4/3/19]

  • Ingraham attacked critics of actor John Wayne’s “I believe in white supremacy” quote from a 1971 Playboy interview

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR): Laura, what I don't like about both of these stories is we're judging the past in light of shifting moral, ethic, and cultural codes of today. We can't do that. You just can't.

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): They're either defacing statues or pulling them down.

    ARROYO: Yeah.

    INGRAHAM: And I've said this before -- I'm going to keep saying this: This is what the Taliban does. The Taliban used to rip down historical markers, destroy churches. ISIS did the same thing, does the same thing. They don’t want any vestige of what was. Even if it’s bad, they don’t want any vestige; even if it’s good, they don’t want it.

    ARROYO: But these are two iconic images of America. John Wayne and the sailor, the release, freedom. They’re impugning America. [2/20/19]

  • Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo attacked Galentine's Day for “male bashing” and suggested “Malentine's Day” to counter

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR): There is a kind of implicit male bias --

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): It is male bashing.

    ARROYO: It is. It's women's friendship on the rebound from a bad relationship. That's what it sounds like. “We're going to get together and commiserate about the men who've done us wrong.”


    ARROYO: Do we get to have a Malentines Day? If they have a Galentines Day do we get a Malentines Day where we can, like, watch football and I guess, you know, hit the clubs. I mean, is there a male counterpart? [2/13/19]

  • Ingraham compared Planned Parenthood to Hitler [3/1/19]

  • In a warning to remaining advertisers, Laura Ingraham said she would continue making controversial statements and didn’t care if she was fired

    BILL DONOHUE (PRESIDENT, CATHOLIC LEAGUE): Thank you for dealing with the cultural issues because unfortunately a lot of people, including on our side, don't want to touch it.

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh they're all afraid. Look, I'm going to get hammered, I'm going to get hammered, hammered, hammered. You know something? I don't care anymore. I really don't.

    DONOHUE: I could care less.

    INGRAHAM: You want to throw me off TV? Throw me off TV because guess what, I'll speak in another way, I'll do the podcast. I mean, I'm just -- I'm kind of beyond, beyond, it's just like we're here for a really short period of time; make it matter. What's the point of this otherwise? Money? Money is not the point. It's nice to have money, but that's not the point. [1/23/19]

  • Ingraham: Planned Parenthood is more like the KKK than someone in a MAGA hat

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We have celebrities and others, like Alyssa Milano, saying the MAGA hat is like a white hood, is the modern-day white hood of the KKK -- that's what that dope said. Oh, OK, sweetheart, so that means, does that mean that we conservatives can say that a Planned Parenthood cap is basically a KKK -- that would actually be closer to the truth, right? Planned Parenthood is boasting that they had 11,000 more abortions last year, and disproportionately abortions affect the lives of minorities across the United States, who are frankly treated woefully by the Planned Parenthood machine.

    And all the stories in New York and the percentage of minority babies that don't get a chance to live because of the disinformation, misinformation campaign of Planned Parenthood. And with Margaret Sanger's influence in Planned Parenthood, the eugenicist, that actually would be more, that would be more accurate, that the Planned Parenthood cap might as well be the KKK, but not a kid who's wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. [1/22/19]

  • Ingraham: Democrats are “the party of anti-Semites”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Is the future of the Republican Party Jeb Bush?

    JUAN WILLIAMS (FOX POLITICAL ANALYST): No, the Republican Party has --

    INGRAHAM: Is it -- is it Jeff Flake? Is it Bob Corker?

    WILLIAMS: The Republican --

    INGRAHAM: Losers. Sorry, they all lost.

    WILLIAMS: The Republican Party has cratered, and it's become the party of Trump, and all you can do is say “Whatever Trump does, I'm going to back it.”

    INGRAHAM: Oh, really? Yours is the party of anti-Semites, Tulsi Gabbard, and other people who criticize Israel for nothing. [1/14/19]

  • Ingraham compared Confederate statues to priceless antiquities and compared people protesting them to ISIS

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): There’s a movement particularly among the young, to hate the past and eradicated anything they find objectionable and troubling.

    This recalls the kind of destructive mindset of let's say, ISIS. Think about ISIS, what they did, they pillaged and they wiped away irreplaceable historical and religious monuments -- from Palmyra, remember in Syria -- simply because they could. It was offensive to them. [12/4/18]

  • Ingraham hosted the leader of a right-wing group responsible for violent Portland riots for a softball interview

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Joining us now from Portland is one of the organizers of last week's counter-protest, Joey Gibson. He's also the founder of Patriot Prayer. Joey, did your group -- I know you were arrested at one point, back in, I guess it was in May for -- didn't you carry a gun at some -- one of the events at University of Washington campus, or a couple of your guys did? You were arrested for that, but did your group --

    JOEY GIBSON (FOUNDER, PATRIOT PRAYER): No, we were detained.

    INGRAHAM: What's that?

    GIBSON: We were detained for a second and then let go.

    INGRAHAM: OK, you were detained and let go.

    GIBSON: Yeah.

    INGRAHAM: But in this case, did you have any intention of getting violent with this antifa group?

    GIBSON: No, we never have any intention to get violent. For us, it's about challenging the mayor, challenging these protest groups, and just being able to march. If they attack us, then people definitely do defend themselves, but we've had so many marches and rallies where no one shows up and it's completely peaceful and we have a great time.

    INGRAHAM: So, what is the goal of your group, as we watch this chaotic video? I mean, looks like a lot of people got hurt. There were batons and mace being used and rocks and bottles being thrown. So, but what's the -- what is your goal with your protest?

    GIBSON: Sure, so, it depends on the city and what the mayors do. For example, we went down to Berkeley, we kept hitting it because the police were standing down, and so the goal was to eventually get the mayor to allow the police do their job. So, from city to city, it changes. [10/15/18]

  • When confronted with Trump's defense of Charlottesville Nazis, Ingraham claimed it's “not what he said”

    SCOTT BOLDEN (POLITICAL COMMENTATOR): By the way, your titular head of the GOP, the president of the United States, is not only the most divisive but his unhinged statements, his statements about Nazis being decent people, him taking and ordering babies taken from immigrants --

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): No that's not, that's not what he said.

    BOLDEN: That's exactly what he said. He said there are good people on both sides.

    INGRAHAM: No. I think what he was trying to say and at the time I said --

    BOLDEN: Oh, I can't tell you what he was trying to say, I'll tell you what he said.

    INGRAHAM: Scott, this is, I understand what you're trying to do. I'm actually trying to do an intervention for the Democrats. [10/9/18]

  • “Look at me, look at me”: Ingraham and guest mocked sexual assault survivors for protesting then-Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and asked if a protest was “staged”

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR): Let's talk about these protests that have been swarming Capitol Hill. We've seen it in restaurants, in movie theaters. This week, Capitol Hill offices were filled with protesters. Poor Lindsey Graham, he was outrunning the mob. This looked like something out of one of those Frankenstein movies, you know, where the villagers -- look, they're yelling and screaming at him with signs, poking him.


    ARROYO: This was the scene all over the capitol.

    INGRAHAM: Paid protesters.

    ARROYO: But this built to the moment today, when [Sen.] Jeff Flake, who was always on the fence about whether he was going to vote [then-Supreme Court nominee Brett] Kavanaugh out of committee, was cornered in an elevator today. You showed it earlier. We're going to let people hear it. This is that moment that Flake claims caused his change of heart.


    ARROYO: The insistence, the anger, the harassment of public officials.

    INGRAHAM: This looks like a --

    ARROYO: I worry about this. Do you think this is staged? Might have been staged to justify the change of heart?

    INGRAHAM: “Look at me, look at me” -- I'm sorry, but, first of all, who's his staff?


    INGRAHAM: If you did that to one of those women, they would be screaming harassment. They don’t like it. First of all, if you’re someone who is sexually assaulted, that is a horrible terrible thing, but that therefore does not mean that every person who is accused of sexual harassment is guilty. The logic class doesn’t seem to have been attended by these people.

    ARROYO: I worry that by giving into this horde, you're going to unleash another antifa-like swarm, and this will continue. What are we teaching kids? Throw a temper tantrum, you get what you want.

    INGRAHAM: Use the f-bomb.

    ARROYO: It's a bad message.

    INGRAHAM: Use the f-bomb, and follow people. [9/28/18]

  • Ingraham blamed "#MeToo militants" for Republicans wavering on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Senate Republicans walked right into the trap set by the left-wing smear squad. So folks like Sens. Flake, [Susan] Collins, and [Lisa] Murkowski, they felt pressured to give into the #MeToo militants, forcing Senate Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley to postpone last Thursday's Kavanaugh vote. [9/25/18]

  • Ingraham on Christine Blasey Ford, who reported Kavanaugh for sexual assault: “This all has the whiff of a political smear masquerading as a sexual assault allegation”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): [Christine Blasey] Ford claims that she decided to come forward at this moment out of quote, “civic responsibility,” but the timing, suffice it to say, is curious.


    This all has the whiff of a political smear masquerading as a sexual assault allegation, one that 36 years later, let's face it, cannot either be proven or disproven. It's impossible to prove a negative, and questioning Ms. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh on this matter, it's unlikely to reveal anything new. [9/17/18]

  • Ingraham attacked the NFL for donating $100 million to social justice initiatives

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, remember, [Colin] Kaepernick basically started on police brutality but now, this has morphed into a much broader movement that the NFL felt that it had to support. So, in an attempt to appease the protesting players and put the kibosh on the protests, the league committed nearly $100 million earlier this year, to what they call “social justice initiatives.”

    But just where does that money go? Well, $73 million of it will be divided into three organizations. Twenty-five percent to the United Negro College Fund, 25% to Dream Corps, which is kind of a left-wing social justice group founded and led by Van Jones -- their goal is to lower the prison population by half and provide sanctuary to all. Not sure what that means.

    And then, half of the $73 million will go to something called the Players Coalition. Now, the Players Coalition was a nonprofit quickly formed by a group of NFL players to guide the social justice conversation and receive any money that the NFL might be willing to donate. And get this, they've consulted with George Soros-backed criminal justice groups, and the liberal Center for American Progress, this, according to ESPN.


    Well, whatever the case, the NFL thought it could buy its way out of any further controversy surrounding the anthem by basically paying off a patchwork of left-leaning groups. But it didn't completely work. On the broadcast side of this issue, the increasingly liberal ESPN has decided it will simply no longer air the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” at all before Monday night football. Well, I hope Colin and company are happy with that. The fans aren't.


    If these players or the NFL were truly concerned about making life better for minorities in the United States, why not consider dropping the political chip on your shoulder and consider working with the Trump administration? [9/10/18]

  • Ingraham attacked Aretha Franklin's “gratuitous” and “political” funeral

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We had kind of dueling funerals today. It was something on television. You had the John McCain funeral and then you had the -- or memorial service, it was -- lying in state at the Capitol. Then you had the Aretha Franklin funeral in Detroit.

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR): Two great Americans, a musical legend, a statesman, both being honored but both these events in some ways, particularly Aretha Franklin's funeral turned very political.


    INGRAHAM: This was so gratuitous. And you -- again, Aretha Franklin, one of the great American voices of all time. Didn't she get an award from George W. Bush? I guess she was a Democrat. She didn't seem like an overtly political person, maybe I missed that.


    Some mean person on Facebook, someone sent me this, said something like, “Aretha Franklin's funeral, memorial service was so great that it's been picked up for 10 episodes on Netflix.” I almost fell over. But, OK, I guess it went on, it was on for four or five hours. But, my goodness, it was star-studded and it did get political. [8/31/18]

  • Ingraham called Infowars’ social media ban “coordinated” censorship of one of the “sources we as individuals trust and like”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Over the past few months, Facebook and other tech giants have given us ample reasons to doubt that proclamation. The latest example started early yesterday morning when Apple pulled several podcasts associated with the controversial and often incendiary Alex Jones from the iTunes store. Facebook followed suit, unpublishing four of Jones' pages, claiming the videos on those pages violated that hate speech policy. Hours later, YouTube decided it wasn't going to miss out on all that censorship fun and YouTube suspended the Alex Jones channel with its 2.4 million subscribers. Well, it's easy to dismiss concerns about big tech's actions -- all coordinated it seems -- to shut down Jones because of course he's the media's poster child for conspiracy theories. But this isn't about Alex Jones. But this is about freedom and our access to information from the sources we as individuals trust and like. [8/7/18]

  • Ingraham: Liberals today are “agents of a historical and cultural purge” and “hate our American traditions, and a lot of our heritage”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The same left-wingers who claim Trump is a lowbrow ignoramus are conspiring to make our children something far worse, in my mind.

    Not only do today's liberals -- many of them -- hate our American traditions and a lot of our heritage, but they are also the agents of a historical and cultural purge the likes of which I don't think we have ever seen in our nation. [6/26/18]

  • Ingraham hosted anti-Semitic “Hotep Jesus” extremist to attack Starbucks’ diversity training

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): In the Angle, I told you about someone who wanted to see just how far Starbucks’ liberal guilt would go. His video has gone completely viral, so we asked comedian-provocateur Bryan Sharpe to join us this evening, and there he is. Hey, Bryan, how are you?

    BRYAN SHARPE: Hey, Laura. How are you?

    INGRAHAM: You totally fooled me, OK? Because I played this on my radio show this morning, my producers and I were screaming, we were like, “This sounds” -- if I didn't know better, it sounds like -- you sound like Chris Rock. You -- it’s so funny, and that poor girl in Starbucks is ready to turn over the keys to the shop to you, she was so worried. [4/18/18]

  • After 20-plus advertisers removed ads following her attacks on a Parkland student, Ingraham called boycott efforts “Stalinist”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): At the end of tonight's show, I'm going to be announcing my response to this dangerous epidemic and what this show will do in the coming weeks to expose the perpetrators, their tactics, their major players, and their funders. Their efforts are Stalinist, pure and simple. [4/9/18]

  • Ingraham said she believed the #MeToo movement is a liberal conspiracy to get rid of Trump

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I think people are taking advantage of this #MeToo movement, something that started as applying to everybody, now it's “get Trump.”


    INGRAHAM: My point is a broader point, that this movement is being used not for “justice for women,” but really in a targeted way to do what maybe Bob Mueller can't do, or what Hillary [Clinton] couldn't do which is get Trump out. Maybe it will be around in five years from now, but I doubt it. [2/12/18]

  • Ingraham: San Francisco and sanctuary cities have “hypodermic needles in the streets” and “human feces all over”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Let's talk about what’s happened since the -- since the, you know, the big face-off with the Trump administration. California is seeing one large county, 3 million people, revolt against this. Do you blame Orange County for voting the way they did given the fact that they don't want Orange County to turn into San Francisco? Meaning, they don't want the hypodermic needles in the streets, they don't want the human feces all over all these blocks, they don't want the homelessness problem, and they don't want crime. They don't want what San Francisco has, double the rate of the state crime rate. [3/28/18]

  • Ingraham: Former Trump staff secretary Rob Porter’s alleged abuse of his ex-wives  “didn't, however, affect his work, which by all accounts was top-notch”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Remember last week as well, the press exploded with stories about that guy Rob Porter, a name that most of you had not heard of before last week.

    Well, he's a former staff secretary to President Trump, who is accused by two former wives and a recent girlfriend of abusive behavior. His reportedly tumultuous relationships, to say the least, apparently didn't, however, affect his work, which by all accounts was top-notch. Even one of his ex-wives said she didn't think he should be fired, despite what she claimed were his anger problems. And on Friday, the president refused to throw Porter to the wolves.


    Well, that was heresy because apparently the only acceptable response from the president would have been condemning Porter to a life of misery and inviting the wives to the White House for a #MeToo lunch. [2/12/18]

  • Ingraham dismissed sexual misconduct in Hollywood: “Are we actually supposed to feel sorry for these folks?”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The previews in the media are a bit odd. Listen to this. Reuters asks: “Party or not? Golden Globes proves test for Hollywood sex scandal,” and NPR writes: “Are Harassment Scandals Overshadowing Hollywood's Award Season?” So I have to ask you this, Michelle, are we actually supposed to feel sorry for these folks who have over-sexualized themselves and the culture for years? Look at those. That's plunging all the way to the ground, those necklines, and no wonder why people are -- people give them a couple of -- a couple of glances. We're supposed to feel sorry for them, because, what? Their goody bag experience is not going to be as fulsome this year? [1/5/18]

  • Ingraham criticized actresses who are “flaunting their bodies” while also fighting sexual harassment

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Many of these women are the same women who have made millions of dollars flaunting their bodies for anyone who cares to watch. And at times, you'll be watching these awards shows -- there are some talented people there, some beautiful folks, women and men. But at times, the dresses seem to be defying the laws of physics, right? Is it double-sided tape? How do they keep that up?

    For a while, it was almost as if Hollywood was creating a new category. “And accepting on behalf of -- for the deepest neckline, is -- ” Well, I mean, you can wear whatever you want, but then don't be shocked when people, including men, stare. It is going to happen. [1/2/18]

  • Ingraham defended then-candidate Roy Moore against reports that he had sexually assaulted teenagers and another woman. reported assaults against young girls

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Let me tell you, in 1987, I was 22 years old in Washington, D.C., and Ted Kennedy, God bless him, and Chris Dodd, who I actually like as a person -- I mean, there’s a lot of, you know, rolling around on the floor in La Brasserie restaurant with 20-something[s]. I mean let’s be honest, the Democrats tethered themselves to Democrats who were all over the place morally for years and held them up as the lions of the Senate. The great lions, let alone someone who died in Chappaquiddick.


    INGRAHAM: Let’s not talk about the moral barometer of the country.

    WILLIAMS: I can’t believe that Laura Ingraham would sit here and -- you know, we’re talking about a guy --

    INGRAHAM: Chappaquiddick, I’ve gone there many times. I say prayers there every time I go.

    WILLIAMS: Was that a 14-year-old girl? Was that a 14-year-old girl?

    INGRAHAM: Is that a life?

    WILLIAMS: Who was stripped down by this guy?

    INGRAHAM: She’s dead. She’s dead Not here to celebrate Christmas this year.

    WILLIAMS: Oh please. How about the 16-year-old that said that he was taking her out in the woods?


    WILLIAM: Come on, Laura. [12/4/17]

  • Ingraham expressed concern that calling out sexual harassment will prevent men from enjoying their jobs

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): What is really going on here though? Is it just the usual stuff where you get into a position of power, maybe you were kind of a geeky guy in high school or college. You didn’t really have a lot of chicks and then you get to Capitol Hill, it’s all these 22-year-old gals running around. And this is nothing new. I mean, I remember being in the White House elevator during the Reagan administration and Strom Thurmond made a few interesting comments to me and I was 22 years old. I just was like laughing, it’s not a big deal. But you also don’t want -- you don’t want to chill the workplace either. That’s another thing I am a little bit worried about here, where you can’t even say to someone, “Oh, you look great, nice dress.” People are afraid, I know now men who are afraid to have any interaction at any time with a woman alone because 10 years later, even if you didn’t do anything, you can be accused of something and then where do you go to defend yourself? You can't defend yourself. So we have to look at the other side here as well and not make it so sterile and antiseptic a workplace that no one even enjoys the job. You’re so afraid of saying anything. [11/14/17]

  • Ingraham defended “truly great men” like Robert E. Lee

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): And you think, Jane, of the American story. We hope it’s an unending story, just goes on and on and on. Like in all of our lives, we have failures, we have triumphs, we have successes. We have virtues and sins. And yet, we want to look at each monument or relic through the eyes of the politically correct idea of the time. And obviously everyone knows that slavery is evil. But the idea that because someone happened to be born in the South, and how many people -- maybe the two of you historians know, how many southerners didn’t side with the South? Not many, right, not many, at least during the war.

    CRAIG SHIRLEY (HISTORIAN): Most of them were not slave owners.

    INGRAHAM: Right. Most of them were not slave owners. But isn't it important now that we have a historical understanding that we can all, we can gravitate toward it -- we don't have to agree on everything. But there are certain things like the anthem and our founding that we can say, “God, these were truly great men. They had great sacrificial concern for the country.” [10/31/17]

  • Ingraham criticized Pope Francis and the Catholic Church for climate change awareness

    RAYMOND ARROYO (AUTHOR): Look, some of these men are holy and really good, wonderful guys, and speak out forcefully at great cost. There are others who are politicians. But this is the nature of the whole thing from the beginning of time. People tell me, you know, aren't you upset? Jesus handpicked 12 guys. Eleven of them walked out on him, OK? One stayed around during the rough times. That's what you're going to get. One in 12 are going to be worth a damn. So that's what I think is happening there. We'll see. Bishops are going to have a tough time in the age of Pope Francis finding common ground with Donald Trump. And as I told you back in March when I traveled to these primary states on book tour, people were telling me, evangelicals and Catholics, I'm supporting Trump -- because everyone was scratching their heads, why are they supporting Donald Trump? -- and they told me, “I'm supporting Trump because he's a check of my church's forays into politics. We don't think the church should be involved in politics,” they told me, in immigration, and in the green debate, and climate change. So, when you look at it that way, you realize, there's a real tension among the people --

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Aren't they supposed to be saving souls, not saving trees?

    ARROYO: Well, but again, Pope Francis has put an emphasis on creation as a whole. You love life? Well, that's part of God's whole creation, so you have to love it all, protect it all. [11/14/16]

  • Ingraham suggested “political correctness” may be to blame for the Brussels terror attacks

    LAURA INGRAHAM (FOX CONTRIBUTOR): We in the United States, I think, are taking a moment to rethink how we approach just fundamental issues of border control, controlling those who come into the United States on visas, understanding that political correctness can sometimes kill. And I mean when I say kill, sometimes people are afraid to say something even if they see something. Remember the --

    BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Sometimes? The whole country is on pins and needles on a daily basis.

    INGRAHAM: Because being accused of Islamophobia is actually worse than plotting a terror attack in some circles.

    KILMEADE: Absolutely. Yeah.

    INGRAHAM: Remember the reports that the neighbors of the San Bernardino attackers had seen some unusual activity. We don't know to the extent that they shared that information with authorities. It looks like they didn't.

    STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Because they didn't want to be labeled racists.

    INGRAHAM: I think, again, people jump to the Islamophobia, or you're racist, or you're anti-woman, and this is just common sense pragmatism. What are we doing right now to examine our priorities of admission into the country? Tracking those people who come into the country from predominantly Muslim countries or countries that have porous borders? Are we doing what the 9/11 Commission actually recommended -- entry-exit fingerprints. We're not doing that. We were just talking out in the hallway here. People forget, those towers in lower Manhattan are no longer here. We lost the World Trade Centers and we're still talking about this. It doesn't mean we should turn ourselves into a police state. It means that we should control our borders and be ever more vigilant about who comes into this country. [3/22/16]

  • Ingraham: “I think a very compelling case could be made that [the women's movement] has set women back”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): And in retrospect -- and we're talking to Sue Ellen Browder whose book Subverted is [a] fascinating look at the women's movement and, specifically, the sexualized nature of it. When you look at this, Sue Ellen, these issues that the women's movement allowed inserted into the conversation and it became the dominant issue of abortion and sexual liberation. In the end, you can really -- I think a very compelling case could be made that this has set women back. The most powerful thing a woman can do is give birth, that is it. That is your power, really, your power. And you can do a lot of things in your life, but that's what makes you unique, and now it becomes just kind of commodified in today's society. [11/11/15]

  • Ingraham called Planned Parenthood employees “heinous, Hitlerian freaks”

    LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): There’s all sorts of things that you could do to Planned Parenthood, and a clever legal mind should be on this issue. They’re suing to keep their funding? Get out of town! You people are heinous, Hitlerian freaks, and the level of evil that pervades the human heart that can countenance this type of behavior is just -- it defies comprehension. [8/26/15]