Laura Ingraham says that America is plagued by "white-aphobia"

Laura Ingraham says that America is plagued by "white-aphobia" 

Shelby Steele: "I mean identity politics is every bit as divisive as segregation was, as racism of old was." 


From the February 28 edition of Podcast One's The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast:

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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Well, back to the collectivism mindset. But she forgot Christophobia and I guess white-aphobia -- we're running out of phobias and isms here Dr. Steele. I'll let you take a swing at that one. So you can't talk about identity politics - another way for them to shut conservatives up. 

SHELBY STEELE (GUEST): They're on the defensive because identity politics are inherently racist.  They divide us up by color, by ethnicity, by gender and so we're automatically set at odds. I mean identity politics is every bit as divisive as segregation was, as racism of old was. 


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